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Meat or Trophy?
"Do you hunt for the meat or the trophy?"



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Blaze Pink
"What do you think of this new bill that would allow hunters to wear Blaze Pink in the field?"

I don't support it for other reasons

I support it but am unsure it will lead to more involvement in the sport

I don't support it for safety reasons

I support it and think it will lead to more involvement in the sport

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World's Deadliest Game
"Who gets your vote as the deadliest creature on earth?"

Polar bear

Great White shark


African lion


Grizzly bear


Black mamba



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Choose Your Way to Go:
"Would you rather be:"

Attacked by a shark?

Mauled by a bear?

Bitten by a poisonous snake?

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"In a life-threatening self-defense scenario, would you rather grab a gun or your cell phone?"

I would grab the gun.

I would grab the cell phone.

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"Are GMOs and other chemical agents hurting the whitetail population?"



I'm not sure.

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Carrying Capacity
"Are there too many hunters to provide a quality hunting experience?"

Yes, with so many hunters my hunting experience has declined.

No, we need more hunters.

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Access Denied
"Legislators insist individual states can manage federal land better than the federal government. Do you think federal lands should be returned to the states?"

Yes, states can best handle local issues and would be able to raise the funds to do so.

Yes, but only if states can present a clear case that they can both afford the upkeep of this land and will never raise taxes to pay for said upkeep.

No, I will never support the control of land being returned to the states.I simply do not want to risk a raise in my state taxes to pay for land management.

No, Federal and BLM lands should steadfastly remain as national outdoor landmarks controlled by the government.

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"How will the 2014 midterms affect gun owners & sportsmen?"
Rifle bullets pile

Gun owners & sportsmen will be positively affected.

Gun owners & sportsmen will be negatively affected.

There will be no affect on gun owners & sportsmen.

Other affect (comment below)

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Best Bolt-Actions
"What's the Best Bolt-Action Rifle of All Time?"

Springfield M1903

Mauser 98

Winchester Model 70

Remington Model 700

Weatherby Mark V

Sako L61/AV

Savage Model 110

Ruger M77

Tikka T3


Other (Comment)

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Female Shooters
"How many women do you know are interested in shooting or hunting?"






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Best Revolvers
"What's the best revolver of all time?"

Colt 1860 Army

Colt Single Action Army

Colt Python

Colt Detective Special

Ruger Blackhawk

Ruger Super Redhawk

Freedom Arms Model 83

Smith & Wesson Model 19

Smith & Wesson Model 29

Smith & Wesson J-Frame

Other (comment below)

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Ballistics Apps
"Do you use technology to calculate ballistics?"

Yes, I use a ballistics app on a mobile device.

Yes, I use a rangefinder or electronic scope.

No, I calculate ballistics in a traditional manner.

No, but it would help me get on target in the field.

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Bear Hunting
"Where do you stand on bear hunting with bait, traps and/or hounds?"

I support hunting with bait, traps and/or hounds.

I support other methods of bear hunting.

I oppose all methods of bear hunting.

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Concealed Carry 2014
"Where did your state rank in G&A's Best States for Concealed Carry 2014?"

Rank 1 - 17

Rank 18 - 34

Rank 35 - 51

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"Which type of gun do you reload for the most?"





I don't reload.

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Gun Terms
"What's the most misused gun term?"

Clip vs. Magazine

Assault Rifles vs. Assault Weapons vs. Semi-Automatic Rifles

Accuracy vs. Precision

Pistol vs. Handgun

Pocket Pistol vs. Sub-Compact Pistol

Cartridge vs. Bullet vs. Caliber

Extractor vs. Ejector

Shells vs. Shotshells

Suppressor vs. Silencer

Other (Comment Below)

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Natural Disasters
"What do you think is the most probable cause for disaster?"

Natural Disaster



Other (comment)

Man Made

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Best States 2014
"Where did your state rank in G&A's "Best States for Gun Owners 2014?""

Higher (1-17)

Middle of the pack (18-34)

Lower (35-51)

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Shed Hunting
"Is shed hunting in danger in your state?"

Yes. It's a huge issue.

No. I'm not worried at all.

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High-tech Hunting
"Is hunting with technology cheating?"

No, technology gives an advantage for making more precise, ethical shots.

Yes, technology makes it too easy to hunt at longer distances.

No, hunters need any advantage they can get for taking game.

Yes, technology only serves a sporting purpose and doesn't belong in the hunting world.

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Russ "If technology was cheating then wouldn't we all be using clubs..."

"Have wolf populations affected your hunting plans?"



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AR vs. Bolt
"AR vs. Bolt-Action: What's the better deer rifle?"



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Duck Stamp
"Are you in favor of raising the price of the Federal Duck Stamp?"

Yes. It's been too long.

No. Keep it low.

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Jim Owens "This bill was sponsored several years ago by Ducks Unlimited..."

Coyote Ammo
"Which is the better coyote cartridge, .223 or .22-250?"



I don't like either.

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Idaho Youth Hunting
"Should Idaho reduce the age limit for youth hunters?"

Yes. We need to keep youth involved.

No. This is a dangerous move.

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Media Bias
"How does media bias affect public opinions?"

The media sticks to the facts, but the public is influenced by their message.

The media sticks to the facts, but the public is NOT influenced by their message.

The media has an agenda on many topics, and the public is influenced by their message.

The media has an agenda on many topics, but the public is NOT influenced by their message.

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Crossbow Boom
"How do you feel about the growing acceptance of crossbows for hunting?"

It's about time. I openly welcome it.

It's a travesty. Go vertical or go home.

I'm wary. It could have a negative impact on deer numbers.

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Ken "Crossbows represent pure greed. More equipment sales, more licenses,..."

PETA Propaganda
"Are anti-hunting groups like PETA harmful to sportsmen's image?"
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.45.13 PM

Absolutely. We have to fight the negative image.

No. They make themselves look stupid.

It all comes out in the wash.

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Walt "I think the drones would be fun to shoot down !! Maybe a limit..."

matthew "ok there is a large part of the population that is not properly..."

Coyote Invasion
"How serious is the threat of coyotes invading urban areas?"

It's a huge problem. More has to be done.

I don't think it's very serious.

I need more information to form an opinion.

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Wally "Way too many of them. More needs to be done to curb the explosion..."

Flying Tiger "We have more important things to worry about."

Gov't Shutdown
"As a sportsman, how much will the government shutdown affect you?"

It's going to have a huge impact on me.

Not a big deal. I won't be affected.

Not sure. I'm watching headlines closely.

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Gun Purchases
"How many firearms do you plan to purchase in 2013?"
Lots of Guns

I plan on buying no firearms this year.

I plan on buying 1 firearm.

I plan on buying 2 firearms.

I plan on buying 3 firearms.

I plan on buying 4 or more firearms.

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raul philippines "Nowadays a gun has become a necessity. Uncontrolled births, twisted..."

Owen LeMaster "I am buying one gun this year for my grand son,.Killed his first..."

Feinstein Gun Ban
"What’s your take on Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) recent introduction of legislation that includes bans on more than 150 types of semi-automatic weapons with military-style features?"

This is a complete violation of our Second Amendment rights. It will never pass.

Right on. America has needed this kind of legislation for a long time.

I need more details before I can make an informed decision.

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mike blackburn "She is part of the problem in our country and not part of the..."


WSA "She should recalled and prosecuted for stupidity."

23-point gun plan
"Of the four areas of focus unveiled in President Obama’s recent 23-point gun control plan, which (if any) are you in favor of?"

Closing background check loopholes.

Banning so-called “military-style assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Providing schools with safety resources.

Increasing access to mental health services.

None of the above. Present laws are more than adequate.

All of the above. We need to stop gun violence at all costs.

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Collin "Look I am a strong believer in God, and am praying for the victims..."

Gun Control
"What is your stance on Gun Control?"
Gun Control

Make the laws governing the sale of firearms more strict.

Keep the laws the way they are.

Make the laws governing the sale of firearms less strict.

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James "We need a way to defend themselves, should the need arise. The..."


Chuck E. "I can't speak for other states, but California has gone way too..."

The Big Picture
"What is the single, biggest challenge facing sportsmen?"
Biggest Challenge

Public access to good hunting and fishing land.

Clean water. Without it, all wildlife is threatened.

Gun control. Any further changes in existing gun-control laws will only make it more difficult for hunters.

Energy development and striking a balance between preserving valuable habitat and meeting America's energy needs.

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Wally "None of the above. The biggest threat is environmental extremists..."

Simon "Jeremy I couldn't agree with you more. I am a hunter and I own..."

John "I hunt mostly on my own property, and my wildlife are provided..."

Buying Power
"Have you ever shunned a business due to an anti-gun policy?"

Yes. If a business is anti-gun, I take my money elsewhere.

No. Politics doesn't affect my buying decisions.

No. I support anti-gun businesses.

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matthew "if you look back at almost every mass shooting it was under the..."

Bruce R. Bauer; former po;ice officer/former SSGT USAR "The sole exception to my Yes vote is where the business's anit-gun..."

Jody "Well, the Constitution isn't so much a guarantee as it is an..."

Going Unleaded
"What is your stance on lead bans?"
Lead Bullets

Definitely disagree with any ban on lead used by sportsmen.

Need to see positive proof that banning lead sinkers or bullets has any negative impact on the environment or wildlife.

OK to ban for fishing lures and sinkers but not for bullets.

OK to ban for bullets but not for fishing lures and sinkers.

Lead in any form used by sportsmen should be banned.

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Bob "There is a reason lead based paint was banned decades ago. IT'S..."

Collin "I am a tournament angler, an if they band lead fishing this would..."

Joe "The sky is falling!Ok? Same folks are saying everybody will be..."

Sporting Rifles
"What do you think about hunting with Modern Sporting Rifles and other AR-platform rifles?"
Modern Sporting Rifle

For more than 100 years, certain military-based firearms have been used for recreational shooting/hunting. Today's Modern Sporting Rifles/AR-platform rifles are no different.

Some of the most accurate firearms I own are Modern Sporting Rifles. As long as the end user understands every firearm has certain limitations, they are applicable to sport/recreational shooting.

Shooters and hunters should be able to use whatever Modern Sporting Rifle they choose.

I'm a traditonal rifle fan. I prefer bolt and lever-action rifles for hunting and recreational shooting.

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Wesley Faulkner "Cannot wait to get my new Sig Sauer 716 with Burris ATAC scope...."

TAF "The person that chooses to become a felon also made the choice..."


"What solutions might help increase public-land access?"
No Hunting

Ensure no CRP lands are lost when the Farm Bill is renewed.

Increase the amount of CRP lands available.

Allow citizens to take a tax deduction for dollars donated to purchasing more public land.

Give private land owners more incentives to open up more land through tax deductions.

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James Konen "What the government needs to do in Montana & Wyoming is to..."

Ted Zabel "Public Land is a tough issue, I don't think you could ever have..."

Greg "Interesting that most of the pol takers say they want government..."

Gun Sales Boom
"Have you ever purchased a firearm or ammunition because you feared gun control was on the horizon?"
Lots of Guns

No. Those who do so are paranoid and silly.

Yes. Better to buy now than be sorry later.

No, but I know someone who has.

No, but I plan to make a purchase soon.

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Tim Laedeke "Yes. I did buy in '94 before the Brady bill went into effect...."

Kenny - Tampa,Fl "I have seen gun prices/ammo continuing to go higher at gun shows..."

Bill "Buying now, because the prices continue to go up on ammo and..."

Crying Wolf
"Do you believe wolves should be delisted and their populations managed using science-based, state-regulated measures?"

Yes. Wolves are running rampant, it's time to let states have hunting seasons to manage their numbers.

Not sure, wolves are doing well, but are they really harming our wildlife?

No. There's no reason to kill these animals, regardless of how strong their numbers are.

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Dave Eaton "Let me see if I have this correct: First, wildlife is thriving..."

GREG??? "You are a real idiot Greg....I bet you have Wolf picture all..."

GREG??? "Yea whatever Greg, how about these...."

Absolute Rights
"Should hunting and fishing be a constitutional right?"
Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

Of course, there's nothing more important to ensure the fabric of American society, I'd support a national amendment.

It's not necessary at the national level, but it's great when state constitutional amendments protect our rights to hunt and fish.

No, there are too many more important things for our elected officials to worry about.

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Dave Eaton "Re-read the Constitution. Anything NOT listed is reserved to..."


Nam medic 69 "The constitution is not intended to be used that way. It simply..."

Our Own Enemy
"Where do you stand on Sunday hunting bans?"

I support them, because Sunday is the Lord's day.

I oppose them.

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Roger Hinde "Now that Virginia's rights are almost assured... it is time to..."

Billy "As a timber/farm land owner in Bedford County I do not object..."

Wally "Is the newest push for Pa Sunday hunting ALL about deer? EXACTLY..."

Fiscal Crisis
"How worried are you that the federal budget deficit will crush conservation efforts?"

Very worried. If conservation funding collapses, so too could hunting and fishing.

Somewhat worried. It's a concern, but sportsmen will find a way to save our wildlife.

Not worried. The government never had any business spending on conservation in the first place.

I need more information.

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ArmedLiberalinMO "100% agree."

GUS "The government needs to get rid of the entire farm bill. Government..."

Greg "The 'options' in this pol do not reflect the many options available...."

"Should suppressors (commonly called silencers) be legalized for hunting?"

Yes, they protect our hearing and are courteous to nearby residents.

No, they are too likely to be used by poachers.

They should be legal, but not for hunting.

I need more information.

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Tom "The anti-Suppressor nit wits sound like the kooks that claimed..."

Bruce R. Bauer; former po;ice officer/former SSGT USAR "Dale, how long has it been since you fired a "high powered" round,..."

David Hanes "Very well put. A crook is a crook. The gun or the suppressor..."

Energy Demand
"How does America achieve energy independence while protecting wildlife?"

Invest in wind and solar energies

Increase number of hydroelectric plants

Build more nuclear facilities

Jumpstart coal-mining operations

Boost oil and natural gas exploration

All of the above

None of the above; increase energy importation

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Bruce R. Bauer; former po;ice officer/former SSGT USAR "Where hydroelectic plants are concerned, why hasn't any agency..."

Chris B. "As a environmental conservation student in the northwest I'm..."

chad collins "thats why we need more research to make it better"

Fished Out
"What's the biggest threat to the future of fishing in America?"

Climate change and pollution

Bans on lead fishing tackle

Reduced access

Poor angler retention/recruitment

Aging reservoirs

Invasive species

Public anti-fishing sentiment

Animal rights groups

All of the above

None of the above; I'll add my answer to the comments

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Russell "All of the above including Pollution but not Climate change."

Collin "This is crazy our Government is running the Outdoors... Hope..."

Chaz "Politicians. Hands down."

UN Gun Treaty
"How concerned are you about the UN's small arms trade treaty negotiations?"

Very. If the treaty includes a gun ban, and it's ratified by the Senate, the Second Amendment may as well not exist.

Not at all. The U.S. Senate will never pass it.

I hope it passes. Guns cause crime.

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Patriot "They are Not doing the will of the people they want police states..."

Phillips "Who is the idiot who set up the false choice of "I hope it passes,..."

John "If the Senate ratified something like this, it becomes NULL and..."

Climate Change
"In his inaugural address, President Obama said: “We will respond to the threat of climate change.” Do you see climate change as a threat?"

Definitely. No one can deny we’re getting far more weather-related disasters than ever before.

No way. This theory has not been scientifically proven. I don’t believe in climate change.

Not sure. Storms seem more prevalent, but I’m not certain that climate change is the cause.

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Bruce Tesone "There has always been and there will always be climate change...."

Howard Olson "The "science", that questions the findings of NASA and over 1500..."

Hunter1 "Look at the increase in violent storms--Hurricane Sandy, the..."

Collegiate Carry
"Do you think that students should be allowed to carry on campus?"

Yes, there should be no restriction on the right to carry, on campus or off.

Maybe, but it should be for the individual university to decide.

Maybe, but the state should be able to decide, not the university.

No, there is no reason for guns to be on a college campus.

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Long Purple "About 3 months before the Aurora theater mass-murder by Holmes,..."

Kevin Jackson "It's College ;)"

Kevin Jackson "I personally feel a responsible gun owner and permit holder,..."

For the Birds
"Do you support the Farm Bill?"

Yes, it is one of the greatest conservation achievments of our time.

No, our country is too broke to worry about saving upland birds and waterfowl.

Maybe; I don't want to eliminate it entirely, but its funding needs to be reduced.

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Anthony "The farm bill is one of the largest fraud of the America people...."

Rick "The Farm Bill is not about farms, it is mostly food stamps and..."

Scott "I support free open Hunting, of all types, the problem is, the..."

Poison Gaffes
"What's your pick for the worst guns/hunting political gaffe of all time?"

McCarthy's 'it's a shoulder thing that goes up' quote

Romney's varmint hunting claims

Kerry's goose hunting photo-op

Obama's 'they cling to guns and religion' quote

Huckabee's distasteful joke at the NRA Show

Kerry's odd description of deer hunting

Feinstein's 'turn them all in' quote

Clinton's 'Assault Weapons' ban

Cheney's hunting accident

None of the above. I'll add my pick to the comments section.

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Wally "Every time I hear that John Kerry stuff about him being a hunter..."

Scarecrow "Joe Biden is the biggest gaffe. He is so clueless and out of..."

Scarecrow76 "Joe Biden is the biggest gaffe. His comments on guns and gun..."

A Taxing Problem
"Sportsmen fund game departments and public lands through taxes on firearms, ammo and fishing tackle. Should non-sportsmen (hikers, skiers, etc) also be taxed on the equipment they use?"

Yes. Skiers, hikers, campers, and others who engage in non-hunting/fishing outdoor recreation should contribute; their activities often take place on public land.

No. Non-sportsmen don't take any wildlife out of the environment, and therefore shouldn't have to pay.

No, but I would charge anyone who doesn't possess a hunting or fishing license a fee to access public land.

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aldo mimoun "I am generally against taxes. However as a law abiding citizen..."

supergrover "they enjoy the wildlife just as much as hunters so they should..."

Steve "Pittman/Robertson act has been around a long time,and that is..."

Chopping Block
"Should the ATF be eliminated?"
Lots of Guns

Yes. It's a drain on taxpayer dollars, it's repeatedly scandalized and its very existence is unconstitutional.

No. The ATF serves an important role in enforcing federal firearms laws. Without it some very important regulations would have no teeth.

No, but its budget should be slashed dramatically. The ATF has grown too large, too costly, and its very size interferes with its mission.

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Adam M. "Many of the questions here do not have very good choices fro..."

Ed Carol "ATF is an agency to keep and enforce Government control. Disbanding..."

Bob B. III "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. ..."

Farm Bill 2012
"What do you think is the most important provision of the 2012 Farm Bill outlined by Pheasants Forever?"
Farm Bill Poll img

Reauthorize CRP

A More Competitive CRP

Wetlands Reserve Program Acres Baseline and Permanent Funding

Continuation of Open Fields Hunting Access Programs

Strengthened "Sodsaver" or Non-cropland Conversion Provisions

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N.. THELEN "Take, leave or prohibit the Government from interfearing with..."

dale Freeman "I think the final answer should lie with the Pheasant supporters..."

Getting Heated
"What's your stance on climate change?"

It's a hot issue, and climate change is definitely happening.

The weather seems to be changing, but I'm not 100 percent sold on climate change.

It's a lot of hot air, and I don't believe in climate change.

Loading ... Loading ...

John "At the risk of repeating some on this topic, climate change does..."

Melissa "Of course, it is happening, but I think that it is a cylic change...."

chad collins "there are lots of companies that don't look at the decrease in..."

EPA Debate
"Should the EPA be shut down?"
Farm Bill Poll img

No. That would be a disaster. The EPA is the only thing keeping drillers and corporate farms from polluting our woods and waters.

Yes. It has outlived its usefulness, and it is regulating everything to death from corporations to small family farms.

Yes, but it should be replaced with a new, more streamlined agency. We can't go without environmental regulation.

No. It could use some restructuring, but scrapping it entirely seems pretty extreme.

Loading ... Loading ...

Jeremy Sutton "The EPA is useful. Without it, the government wouldn't have the..."

Will K. "Nicely Said."

therifleman "I agree with todd tanner."

Castle Doctrine
"Does the Trayvon Martin case demonstrate a flaw with Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground laws?"

No.Castle Doctrine law only protects legitimate self-defense. If the prosecution is able to prove its allegations against George Zimmerman, the Castle Doctrine won't keep him out of jail.

Yes. If Zimmerman acted as the prosecution alleges, maybe Castle Doctrine law influenced his actions.

I don't know. I need more information as the case unfolds.

Loading ... Loading ...

Mike "Dan Neighborhood watch is the keyword in the 911 call he was..."

Donald Kendrick "You have a right to stand your ground and defend yourself anywhere..."

Glenn "Who says he couldn't carry? Neighborhood watch rules don't trump..."

Grizzly Idea
"Should we hunt grizzly bears?"

Yes. Their populations are recovered, and hunting would be healthy for the bears and keep humans safe.

No. Hunting is always wrong.

No. I think the grizzly populations aren't as strong as the biologists say.

I don't know. I want further population studies conducted.

Loading ... Loading ...

Bill C "Good For You and I wish ever body was this way. Can I have your..."

George L. "Capture them alive and release them into an arena with a bunch..."

Ed Carol "The state of Kansas started with a herd of less than 5,000 deer..."

Scalia on Guns
"Do Justice Scalia's recent remarks regarding the Second Amendment's 'limitations' warrant our criticism?"

No. He was just saying that guns can be regulated, and they already are.

Yes. I think he's saying it's okay to ban semi-automatic rifles.

Maybe. I'm still not sure what he was saying.

Loading ... Loading ...

John "He wasn't even saying any of the three choices in this poll...."

George Marrero "The Constitution was written as a broad measure to not only govern..."

Kneezer "I'm hoping he just meant "arms" should not include M2 machine..."

Trapping Out
"Where do you stand on trapping?"

It's the most humane, effective tool available for controlling furbearers. Trapping bans would be disastrous for various birds and fish.

I say ban it. It's inhumane.

My opinion varies based on the type of trap used.

Loading ... Loading ...

John "I do not believe in leg hold traps as they make an animal suffer..."

rick "beaver dams warm and silt in many good trout streams."

Andy "I am a NWCO for the state of New York, in Chautauqua County...."

Gun Block
"Is Google anti-gun?"

Yes. The company has blocked searches related to guns and ammo--Google's stance on the Second Amendment couldn't be any clearer.

No. I don't think firearms and ammunition are family friendly either.

I'm not sure. Maybe we're reading too much into this policiy decision.

Loading ... Loading ...

DUCE "Did I miss something? I still use Google to look up info on..."

USPatriotOne "Since Google took this stance I have stopped using Google and..."

Kenneth "why is every1 try to mess with my gunrights"

Water Rations
"Is Ohio in violation of the Great Lakes Compact?"

Yes, governor should be ashamed that he signed a bill to allow businesses to withdraw 2.5 million gallons of water per day.

No. Water conservation is important, but so is getting our economy back on its feet. The bill simply provides businesses with enough water to meet their needs.

I'll be honest--I have no idea.

Loading ... Loading ...

supergrover "any sovereign govt(state&local too) must follow all treaties..."

olson "Which color is which?"

Enemies Within
"Does an influx of non-hunting employees within state game departments pose a problem for wildlife management?"
Waterfowl Hunter

Yes; if you don't understand hunting, how can you use it as an effective wildlife management tool?

No; diverse opinions and backgrounds are a good thing within any workplace.

Yes; I think even a lot of anti-hunters have infiltrated state game departments.

Maybe; I say give the non-hunters a chance. They can always learn about hunting's importance from their co-workers.

Loading ... Loading ...

Andyman "It's like putting a veagen in charge of Burger king."

chad collins "just because you don't hunt does not mean you don't understand..."

Uncle Percy "Please explain logically what your statement means. Probably..."

Your Guns
"How many firearms do you plan to buy in 2012?"
Multiple Guns

I don't plan on buying any firearms.

I plan on buying 1 firearm.

I plan on buying 2 firearms.

I plan on buying 3 firearms.

I plan on buying 4 or more firearms.

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Jim "Four AR15's and one 9mm pistol so far this all important presidential..."

Larry "Before anyone else answers the question, remember; In this day..."

Big John "Please don't let the ATF know!"

Duck Delays
"Are ducks migrating later than normal?"

Yes, due to climate change. The earth's temperature is rising, so a delayed migration only makes sense.

Yes, because northern agriculture is providing ample food and water, delaying the need to migrate.

No, I don't think ducks are actually migrating later.

A and B.

Yes, but I have another theory.

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S,B. "Where the so-called Scientists, versus the true, yet largely..."

mark "the earth has cycles history proves this every day, these so..."

Hounding Anti's
"How can sportsmen ensure the future of hunting with hounds in California?"

Wake up. We've defeated the anti's so often lately that we've fallen asleep. Time to alert fellow hunters and get involved.

Donate money to pro-sportsmen's groups, write letters and call legislators.

Both A and B.

None of the above. I'm against hunting with hounds.

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Mike "Most of these bogus bills if not all passed in California need..."

Dale Harold "There are many reasons why we do not ever go to California for..."

david bundy "Every sportsman should work to defeat this bill, bird hunters..."

Something's Fishy
"Is the National Marine Fisheries Service producing inaccurate offshore fish estimates by ignoring artificial reefs and other structures?"

Yes. Fishing regulations, especially for red snapper, are too conservative, because fish departments aren't getting a true population estimate.

No. When setting fishing regulations, we should always err on the side of caution.

Maybe. Is there really a reliable method to estimate how many fish are staging near deep, offshore drilling rigs and other artificial structures?

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Rescue Me!
"Should unprepared hikers have to pay for their own rescue fees?"

Yes. If a hiker goes into the woods without food, water and basic safety gear, our tax dollars and hunting/fishing license fees shouldn't be squandered to pay for his/her negligence.

No. Accidents happen. We shouldn't finger-point because maybe one day it'll be us getting rescued.

Loading ... Loading ...

John "It should be widely known that if you don't prepare, you could..."

Kneezer "I have heard stories from rangers of idiots with no water, all..."

JeffAZ "I have to pay for the ambulance to come get me at my home..."

Access Denied
"Should the National Park Service allow hunting in our national parks?"
Whitetail Deer

Yes. Hunting is the most effective tool in the wildlife manager's playbook, and the overpopulation of select game species, such as elk, deer, and bison, are a testament to that.

No. Our national parks were established as preserves, and hunting might inconvenience bird watchers, hikers and other recreationists.

Maybe. I'm in favor of a few, select management hunts.

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Muskratter18 "10 years ago i would have agreed with this fully, but living..."

Stir Crazy "As far as I think anyway, Maybe a raffle type hunt selection,..."

Derek "YES! My taxes from firearms, archery, ammo.....goes to keep those..."

American Safari
"Do you think exotic hunts are good for the hunting industry?"

Yes. They provide jobs, generate revenue and offer affordable opportunities for hunters to pursue game they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Maybe. I'm not sure I'd go on one, but they help preserve animal species that would otherwise be endangered.

No. These non-native, high-fence hunts give a black-eye to the hunting industry.

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Scott "I think this is, Free Enterprise! I believe the Government is..."

supergrover "yup if done ethically and responsibly. 200%"

chad collins "I am fine with it if it is done right the videos and stories..."

The Dog Vote
"If your dog could register to vote, what party would he support?"

Republican Party

Democratic Party

Independent Party

Green Party

Libertarian Party

Constitution Party

Anti-Spay/Neuter Party

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MSG> Martin Vartanian, ret USA "I thought there were many dogs (poodles & pekes) that were..."

Alvah Brown "My dog does not depend on the government to take care of him..."

Mike "my 4 beagles who live like democrats would vote republican, they..."

Statute of Liberty
"Does Judge's Ruling to Charge $340 for a Pistol Permit Discriminate Against Lower-Income Residents in N.Y.C.?"
Statue of Liberty

It's too high—and especially discriminatory for lower-income residents.

Not bad since it's for three years, but pretty steep compared to Chicago ($100) and Washington, D.C. ($13)

Pricey, but considering it offers the chance for NYC residents to own handguns, it's worth it.

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kelly "concealed carry permit in pa is $20 and is good for 5yrs"

Ian A. Paul "I believe it's only $60 for five years in Washington state."

S,B. "There should be no infringement on owning a Gun, except a Felony..."

Dog Retrieving
"Should GPS collars be legal for hunting dogs?"

Absolutely, these are a vital tool for anyone using a dog in the field.

Maybe, but the certainly aren't completely necessary.

No, they give hunters and unfair advantage to track game.

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rick "long ranging pointers like a GSP are often folloed by horseback..."

r langley "I can tell you have never hunted on property that has draws and..."

UrbanCollieChick "I'm generally all for not overusing technology as an unfair advantage..."

Bald Eagles
"Should Native American tribes be able to kill bald eagles?"

Yes. Bald eagle recovery is advanced enough to allow a few eagles to be taken

Maybe, but only if it is to preserve their heritage

No. The eagle is our national bird and should be protected at all costs

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Dick "I would hope Native Americans would chose not to kill bald eagles...."

George "I particularly like watching the mastadons at the zoo, thanks..."

Ian A. Paul "I think it's silly to think that any creature should be protected..."

Clean Water
"How should the government ensure America has clean water?"
Clean Water

Go back to a simple field test for whether federal regulations should apply: if there is a high-water mark, CWA applies.

Require the field test to be more specific, like showing there is enough water flowing to affect the biology the nearest big river.

Forget field tests and just apply CWA to every stream, pond, and prairie pothole in America.

Apply CWA only to rivers and lakes big enough to carry commercial shipping and barging.

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John "We all need the CWA think about our kids down the road.Some people..."

Bernie "The Government should get it's nose out of our business . Eliminate..."

chad collins "we need to protect all the water fresh water is getting more..."

Fishing Spots
"Where do you do most of your fishing?"

Always in my home state

Mostly in my home state but occasionally in neighboring states.

Rarely in my home state; almost always in neighboring states.

I travel all over the country to fish

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mainedogluvah "We fish in state, but may have to go south to find stripers,..."

Letcher E Asher "I always fish for Large Mouth Bass, and at Rough River and Nolin..."

Steven Wolf "I do a lot of Ohio River fishing for Sauger, Blue Catfish, Hybris..."

"What is the biggest barrier preventing young men and women from staying involved in hunting past their late teens?"
Young Hunter

Cost of licenses

Expenses associated with going afield (gas, ammo, firearms)

Access to hunting property

Loss of habitat

Complications with hunting regulations / picking through rules and paperwork/complicated seasons.

Poor overall hunting opportunities and low game animal numbers that lead to low success.

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Alan Adams "How about this as an option: NO JOBS in rural America where most..."

Eddy "Every land owner wants big money to hunt on their land. American..."

Mark "All of the above."

"Compared to others who live in your community, do you consider yourself:"
Voting 2012

More liberal than most

More conservative than most

About the same as others

I have no idea

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GaryW "I couldn't agree with you more, S.B. I consider myself a conservative...but,..."

chad collins "I'm pro-concealed carry, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-separation..."

Mark "Maybe it's time you started caring. The kinds of behavior you..."

Dam Removal
"Should the federal government fund the removal of old, obsolete dams?"
Dam Control

Yes. Federal government should fund dam removal.

No. Dam removal should be funded by individual states.

No. Leave the dams where they are.

No. Dam removal should be funded through by private entities.

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John Dorne "You loosers where do you think you will get your electricity..."

Puma "If dam was private use private funds to remove, the same with..."

Molly "The answer isn't that cut-and-dried. If the Feds built it built..."

Deer Hunting
"How has deer management in your state affected your hunting in recent years?"
Whitetail Deer

I’m definitely seeing more bucks and does than I used to

I’m seeing more bucks but fewer does than I used to

I’m seeing more does but fewer bucks than I used to

I’m seeing fewer bucks and fewer does than I used to

I haven't noticed a change.

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Wally "I ams seeing WAAAAY fewer bucks and doe thanks to the environmentalist..."

Wally "Yeah, whatever. ha ha."

john "I live in Washington dc across from a small strip of woods and..."

Bird Threats
"What is currently the single biggest threat to North American upland gamebirds?"
Gamebird Threats

Habitat loss

Avian predators (birds of prey)

Land-based predators (fox, coyote, raccoon, et al.)

Severe winters and heavy spring flooding

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Ed Carol "Have to go with the feral/house cats. Have seen one destroy..."

Jim Benat "Feral hogs do a lot of damage to quail and mny other aspects..."

Phil M "PREDATORS, Like Mr. Dorne stated there aren't the number of trappers..."

Salmon Protection
"How can we restore and protect Pacific Northwest salmon?"
Pacific Northwest Salmon

Enforce better forestry practices in the headwaters

Remove obsolete dams and improve fish passageways on other dams

Preserve instream minimum flows by by regulation

All of the above

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Sea Lions "Sea lions are killing all fish specias becouse of their proliferation..."

Spook89 "Just like a bambi hugger to personally attack opposing views...."

EddyF "Spook89, Do you really believe because an animal has a state..."

Nuge News
"Did Ted Nugent go too far with his comments regarding President Obama at the NRA Show?"

Yes, his comments are an embarrassment to sportsmen.

Maybe, but he sure was entertaining.

No, he didn't go far enough.

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Steve Radcliffe "We must distance ourself from the extreme fringe like Ted Nugent,..."

Simon "I have hunted and owned guns all my life. I will always have..."

Shooter "Go soak your head Lloyd!"

Cat Scratched
"Should California Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards Lose His Job Over Legal Mountain Lion Hunt?"
Dan Richards

No way. He was on a legal, ethical hunt.

No opinion.

Yes. Posting those photos was in poor taste

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Dana "Protect your livestock during calving season, and don't go jogging..."

Dana "I'm disgusted and horrified that anyone could murder such a magnificent..."

supergrover "p.s. i, personally would not hunt puma, because my ethics, like..."

The Halftime Show
"Was Bob Costas' comment on gun control during Sunday's NFL game appropriate?"

Absolutely - commentary is part of his job.

No way - using halftime to comment on gun control was completely inappropriate.

Not sure - in a country that honors Free Speech, he's entitled to his opinion; however, maybe halftime at an NFL game is not the most appropriate time or place.

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EON "Bob has a right his opinions. It is up to you too agree or to..."

Ronald G. Thomas "It would have been more appropriate to discuss the Football "culture"..."

Hunter1 "I’m all for free speech, but Bob Costas should stick to commenting..."

Refusing to Lose
"With Romney clinching the GOP nomination, Ron Paul should:"

Drop out of the race; it's the classy thing to do.

Run as a third party candidate; he can still win in November!

Continue pursuing delegates in protest, but he shouldn't go third party.

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supergrover "holding on by your fingernails is fine but switching to a minor..."

JH "I would vote for Ron Paul if he could win. I am a Liberitarian..."

Mike "I think Romney should back out!"

Ballot Box
"If the election were held today, who would you vote for?"

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum

New Gingrich

Ron Paul

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jfk "Do not believe Rich Mitt. We may keep our assault weapons and..."

No More Cookies Obama! "I am surprise that no other political party was listed such as..."

Leon "Yeah, especially on a site such as this one! What are they thinking?..."

Exec Privilege
"Why did President Obama invoke 'Executive Privilege' to block the release of 'Fast and Furious' documents?"

It's a common measure taken by presidents regarding matters of national security. Bush invoked 6 times and Clinton 14 times.

He is hiding something; maybe he's linked more closely to "Fast and Furious" than we thought.

He's protecting his Attorney General.

None of the above. I'll add my answer to the comments section.

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m.a.s. "The Pres. fingerprints are all over this case; He is protecting..."

Glen "Hey Marc T. !!! Whose Bull____ have you been reading? And who..."

Ed Carol "No one seems to understand that Obama wants to disband America..."

Fast & Furious
"Did Attorney General Eric Holder have knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious from the very beginning?"

Yes; otherwise he wasn't doing his job as the head of the Justice Department.

No; however I think he's covering for those who did.

No; we all want to blame someone for this tragic operation, but it isn't Holder's fault.

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fred "our current president and his people are totally, completley..."

Jim "I didn't dream this up; I took the time to learn for myself,..."

Rory Keogh Antony Fitzgibbons "he should go to prison"

Vital Issues
"Why is this election important to sportsmen?"

Need to elect a pro-sportsmen president.

The next administration could appoint new Supreme Court justices that are not pro-sportsmen.

Our Second Amendment rights could be threatened.

Funding cuts could damage wildlife conservation efforts.

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KMacK "The Second Amendment is one of those things that doesn't grant..."

ArmedLiberalinMO "We have a choice of two sides of the Democratic Republican coin,..."

robbro "Jim, I hope you are a good wing shot when the air strikes start"

Round II
"Who won the second presidential debate?"

Obama. His answers were more logical and realistic.

Romney. If your opponent calls for a ban on semi-auto rifles, you automatically win.

It was a draw.

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Rick Keelan "Governor Romney will win the election,obama thought when he became..."

Grant "It’s not about getting Romney elected it about getting Obama..."

Dorsey "Romney was ill advised when he was Governor about Weapons. He..."

Ryan's Big Night
"Was Paul Ryan's speech at the Republican National Convention a success?"

No. It was 40 minutes of pandering and unfounded attacks on Obama with no substance or hard facts.

Yes. I thought he was terrific, and I now intend to vote for Romney/Ryan.

Yes, but I loved Paul Ryan already.

I don't know. I still need to learn more about him before I decide my vote.

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GEL "I found this site by accident and I generally do not respond..."

Cliff Ward "If this fellow is elected the middle class will disappear. The..."

robnatrain "When you refer to him straightening out this economic mess, for..."

Rate the VP Debate
"Who won the Vice Presidential Debate?"

Vice President Biden.

Congressman Paul Ryan.

It was a draw.

I didn't watch the debate.

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Dorsey "Biden came into this debate thinking he would just Bully his..."

Neil Combs "Biden has never been anything but a yes man to Liberal Democrats! Paul..."

packapiece "Biden was rude and crude because he has never held a real job...."

Debate Winner?
"Who won the first presidential debate?"

Mitt Romney

Barack Obama

Neither. It was a draw.

I didn't watch.

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chuck "I hope we get the chance to see what Romney can do! We know what..."

Hunter1 "Will be interesting to see what kinds of topics come up in the..."

Larry "Obama looked like a bully being stared/faced down - he blinked...."

Game Changer
"Does the addition of Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket make you more likely to vote for Mitt Romney?"

Yes. Ryan is one of us; I'm definitely voting for Romney.

No way. So what if he's a hunter? I disagree with his policies.

I'm still undecided.

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Brian "Charlie would you prefer the Socialist in Cheif we have now?..."

Night Train "I agree with Mary, those that thing Obama is Ok for another 4..."

robnatrain "I agree with Charlie. I am a railroader also and an avid sportsman/gunowner...."

Supreme Decision
"Which presidential candidate is most likely to nominate pro-gun justices to the Supreme Court?"

Romney. If you think Obama will protect your rights, I have two words for you: Kagan and Sotomayor.

Obama. What has he done that's so anti-gun?

Neither. I'm voting third party or staying home. But I'll still complain in January.

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Glen "By the way, it is I before E NOT C !!!"

DC "My God man... learn to spell. termoil is spelled as turmoil...."

Todd P. Mason "I am a Republican, and I am going to vote a straight ticket on..."

Down The Stretch
"With Rick Santorum out of the race, which candidate would you like to see in the White House?"

Mitt Romney

Barack Obama

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul

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chad collins "Mitt Romney is just about as anti-gun as president Obama they..."

JIM "You 41.4% have no idea that Mitt Romney is as anti gun as Obama...."

Brandon " Watch..."

Newt's Out!
"With Newt Gingrich suspending his campaign, which of the remaining candidates would you like to see as President?"

Barack Obama

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

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Joe "Congressman Ron Paul voted for sodomy in the military. Anyone..."

Jerry G "Privatize Social security so those under 50 don't get screwed...."

Puma "obama and his men are a real problem but not the only one!. However,..."

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