12 States Exploring Permitless Concealed Carry

One of the biggest obstacles to concealed carry is the permitting process, but that might get a lot easier in 12 new states.

According to the NRA, Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia are all considering laws that would remove the permit process from their concealed carry laws.

There are already four states that allow individuals to carry without a permit (Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming), and the NRA is stressing that low crime rates in these states is the perfect example of why concealed carry works. According to the story on USA Today, Andrew Arulanandam, policy director for the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, says that “our viewpoint is, a good person will always be a good person,” he said. “They don’t need a license to be a good person.”

South Dakota may be the next state to join that list. A bill that would allow any 18-year-old with a valid drivers license to carry without a permit within the state is currently on the desk of Republican Governor, Dennis Daugaard.

We’ll keep you in the loop as these laws move forward.

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  • John

    It works for me here in AZ

  • i think the second amendment is the basic mortar that holds alot of all the amendments together.without the 2nd amendment this land and country and this world would be as lawless as saddam husseins ex a good check and balance for alot of our constitution.

    • beware of altering basic rights!!

  • Nicholas

    Permitless concealed carry is best for our safety and this country. With instant background checks etc only the law abiding can purchase a firearm so why go through the ccw permit process. In WV and PA it is fairly easy to get a ccw permit. I also have lived in NY, NJ and Massachusetts where the individuals Second Amendment rights have been trampled.

  • Smitty

    Being from NJ, the word “Trampled” is not strong enough. Ask police officers and they support the idea of fact checked citizens carrying. But the politicians who fight for this gun-control and lack of CCW licensing.

  • Tim

    Glad I live in Canada….

    • Daren

      I am glad you do too.

    • Charles

      Good Tim, we are glad you live in Canada too. Please stay there.

  • josh

    The only thing that bothers me is the lack of understanding when it comes to the law. I have no problem with permitless ccw. I just feel people need to learn how and when they can protect themselves and others

  • 7.62 4 u

    I’m more pro-2A than most, but this isn’t the 1950s. Not everyone grew up around firearms. There has to be some type of base-line proficiency. Here it’s an 8 hr class; mostly legal-lecture. The idea that the guy/girl next to me is carrying (at least one) gun gives me the “warm’n fuzzies.” SO Long as that person is reasonably competent with firearms. Too many folks don’t truely grasp the severity/responsibility of carrying a firearm(s). Prime example, saw a guy open carry (legal here, but dumb) a 1911 with the hammer forward! I told him he may want to consider carrying a round in the chamber. He replied he was! When stupid people do stupid things it makes us all look bad…

    • Dan Bram

      How about you leave it up to the Dealers and other private citizen’s to determine safety and tactics courses? Why is that never an option when mini-statists get involved? Allow gun makers or dealers to set their standards for ownership, such as vouchers for certain instructors and so on? There are many ways to increase the competency and safety. Yes, that might mean DENYING someone the ability to purchase a gun from you…that is Freedom of Association.

      As well, this isn’t the 1950′s, right, but it is today and we are alive right now (as I wasn’t before 1970) so is there a better time to get the information and instruction out to the masses than right now?

      We have forgotten or not noticed how far removed we are from Freedom and Liberty, that some often decide it is safer to just stay inside the box. That is fine, just don’t impose it on others.

      • John

        I am a dealer, and I’ll tell you right now, I have no desire whatsoever of being the one charged with deciding whether or not the person I’m selling to is properly trained and capable of safely carrying a concealed weapon.
        I have to agree with 7.62 in that there should be some type of baseline safety and proficiency training before turning people loose on the streets with a pistol in their pocket.
        Far too many individuals base their ideas about firearms on what they see on TV and in the movies.

  • jack hawkins

    Brain-dead soulless heartless idiots, sounds like you know who you are talking about(politicians). Keep up the preasure the libs don’t like to be talked about like that. We are with you, rock on.

  • doug

    Rhode Island will never go for it…Our Universities (including state) do not have armed police. These ;police go to the same police academy as out town police and are fully qualified to carry guns. They face the same risks as all other police officers. Our students are not safe at this time.

  • nitro zeel

    Colorado like most of the 4 corner states already has open carry any time and any place that is not posted. Has been since it was first started has a state. You can own and carry whatever number of firearms that you want to carry. Most of the time I carry at least 3 at one time.
    Thank You!!!!

  • Bikerben

    I feel as an American we all have the right to bear arms. Here (in New Mexico) we have the right to carry open-which comes off as a dare,as a biker people seem to think I may be looking to harm someone. Carrying concealed gives me the same opportunity to harm someone. I do not believe people are inheirently bad, but some bikers do carry 1%’er patches saying “I am Bad.” I have met, drank, and socialized with them and found they were no worse than anyone else. Although, If the’re advertising that they are-stay away, duh! The people who will (usually) hurt you don’t advertise. In Mexico its illegal to carry a firearm-go to Mexico, if you dare! Remember we live in the land of the free. To quote a famous (unarmed) American, “Can we get along!” Then, those of us who choose to carry will have no reason to aim!

  • audie

    What can I say ,I moved to one of those states where the average person cannot carry a gun (New Jersey). Dont even try to get a concealed permit here.
    If you have to move (like myself) find a state that wont TAKE YOUR RIGHTS away to protect yourself.I knew the laws when I moved here ,but I what can I say I needed the job.

    • Robert Grimaldi Sr.

      I used to live in Jersey. Got my hunting license at 9 years old shooting a 20 ga. hunted until I was 19 and got married. My wife was assaulted and the creep was stalking her. I went to the police station to ask how to get a permit to carry a pistol. The officer LAUGHED at me(I was 22 y/o). So, I still hand my 12 ga pump from hunting days. The creep was really lucky I didn’t see him again, and I was lucky not to get stopped for traffic offense. I moved out of state, but when I go back, I do carry.Better safe than dead! There, no hollow- point ammo.Anyone know why it is Banned? Thanks for any responses (GOD given rights trumps state law)

  • big jake

    The 2nd flatly enumerates the right to KEEP & BEAR arms.
    State and local controls are founded in the interstate commerce clause. Since when is individual firearm ownership commerce?
    Proactive progressive courts have over the years trampled our enumerated right to KEEP & BEAR arms.

  • Juan

    Living in South Texas so close to the border I would imagine obtaining a CDS permit would much harder due to violence in Mexico.


    I do not like the permitless program. In my home state(South Carolina) no town or community is allowed to pass their own gun laws.The state program regulates all. In the state I grew up in(West Virginia) there is a half dozen or more little sneaky places that got “grandfathered in” This is just as devious as it can be. A person that travels there is likely to run into an arrest and seizure of their firearms by unsrupulous state troopers ,deputies.and Boss Hog politicians. I don’t go within a 100 miles of that place now.W.Va.has former state troopers in federal prison now from that sort of conduct.

  • winchester21

    Tim – I too am glad that you live in the socialist republic of Canada where handguns are illegal. Please stay there.

  • Earl

    If you have a New York carry permit you can not take your pistol out ot the state, the Florida permits a bunch of crap telling you ,you can transport your pistol

    • Charles

      Earl, I fail to understand why you think you cannot transport your pistol out of state. The following states honor N.Y. carry permits: Mt, ID, UT, AZ, TX, OK, SD, IA, WI, OK, MO, IN, KY, TN, MS, NC, VT, MI. If you want to carry in Florida, yes, you must get the non-resident permit. That does not mean you cannot bring your firearm to Florida. Just means you cannot conceal it on your person without the Florida permit. You are very wrong and should study up on your state laws. New York State, does not honor permits from any other state. There is no law saying you cannot take your hand gun out of the state of New York.

      • Jimmy

        Charles, you forgot Wyoming. open or concealed no permit required.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Wow, I was unawares of this.

    I live in Texas, and if I could carry legally without a permit I would be so gosh darn happy. So many times I am out at night having to get gasoline for my car or want a late night snack. Something bad could happen.

    Or at the ATM, I sure would love to have a gun handy in case some robbers confronted me. I may not even have to shoot–just the fact I have a gun could make them run in fear.

    I am seriously considering getting my permit, but I am trying to get back on my feet after losing my job. I have a new job now but money is limited. I just do not have the funds to do this atm.

    In fact, I had to SELL one of my guns. I’m sure some of you know know how THAT feels…

    I am a law abiding citizen and I enjoy staying out of trouble. If I carry I would not look for trouble, it’s just that being secretly lawfully armed would help deter a LOT of trouble.

    However, I do support having to take a somewhat affordable training class to do so. There are a lot of people that do know know ANYTHING about guns, and it sure would be a help to them–whether they realize it or not–for them (including me) to take a course on proper concealed carry and how to safely use their arm.

    A lot of the stuff I have learned I had to learn on my own. Either by asking questions or reading and studying. But I have a passion. Not everyone cares about FPS and Caliber Size… or may know there is a proper way to hold a handgun.

  • Ross Walters

    Here in Michigan a bi-partisan bill that would allow permitless carry rotted away in a Senate Committee that refused to bring it to a vote (which most think would have passed hands-down).

    That may not seem like such a rarity but consider this: the Senate (and the Committee) are controlled by Republicans.
    Worse yet Republican Governor Snyder says he would probably veto the legislation if it passes.

    I tell ya…Democrat – Republican – Independent, none of ‘em respect the 2nd Amendment like they should.
    But boy they ALL love the 16th Amendment (right to levy income taxes).

    They think throwing a bone at us now and then will buy our votes…and unfortunately they are right.

  • Robert Grimaldi Sr.

    I think it would be great to have a permitless system. I think it would be harder for law enforcement to sift out the criminals and maybe some people wouldn’t be “trained” to shoot properly and be safe with handling a weapon. but if some states issued carry permits and some don’t(as your home state might) then you couldn’t carry without a permit in those that allow carry but must be Permitted. I live in Tennessee and it is a great place to carry concealed. easy to buy weapons and easy to carry. I carry everywhere except court rooms and police stations. Hospital, Post Office,banks, even the doctors office should be fair game as long as you don’t expose your weapon. So far I haven’t had to draw it but twice I put my hand as I may have needed to. Who knows, MAYBE just that saved a criminals life as I won’t be a victim. God Bless and shoot straight! too is spelled too

  • Denny the Canuck

    I would prefer a mixed system for carry permit. I am a Canadian living in the US. I grew up with guns and don’t see an issue with them. My pet peeve is states like NY where I live that think that criminal should have more rights then I do. I think that gun laws are meant to protect the criminals, not the law abiding citizen (or resident like me). That way the criminal can operate business as usual. But I will stop there with this peeve. One thing that I do want the state OF NEW YORK to do is to make it easier for law abiding people to obtain a gun carry permit. However there has to be some conditions: if you have ever been convicted of a crime and no NEW YORK state defending you life is NOT one of them, unless you defended your life in the act of committing what GOD’s laws classify as a crime. For the rest of us (law abiding folks) I would like a system that do some background check(a short one, not like in NY State) to make sure you did not commit what common folk consider a crime. Then having to take a class to certify that you can reasonably operate a handgun without being a danger to others or yourself, and would insist that you have to hit the range and become familiar with the weapon you intend to carry. Mr. Obama and all the others who want to take away the 2nd amendment, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. I personally think that the founding fathers new better when they added the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. If the public have no way to defend themselves then lawlessness abide and the politicians take over. I am not a racist person and don’t hate politicians except the individual that try to trump other peoples rights. Sorry folks, I will never go for that and God Bless America and “ALL” it’s GOOD people.

  • Bill McCormick

    I don’t see the need for not having to have a permit to carry. In fact that should only appeal to those who have less than legal intentions. If you are a true law abiding citizen, you should welcome the need to have a permit. Those not having permits will most likely be crooks and thieves. And it would make keeping guns out of the hands of those who have lawless intentions easier for our law enforcement. I own several guns and don’t feel stifled in any way by such a requirement. I have serious questions for those who feel the need to carry without a permit. WHY? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE? Good people aren’t afraid to be law abiding.

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