Californians Come Out to Support Dan Richards, Calif. Fish and Game Commission President

For two and a half hours today, more than 60 people came out to support Dan Richards during a public comment period after legislators called for his resignation.

Richards held tough, and the parade of support shows that he might actually keep his spot as president of the California Fish and Game Commission. This comes after a group of 31 sportsmen’s groups issued a letter in support of Richards.

This all started when Richards posted some photos on Facebook of a successful mountain lion hunt. Animal rights activists started raising a stink, even though the hunt was 100 percent legal. Then, Richards didn’t make friends with the animal rights groups, saying he did not let the meat go to waste, and that mountain lion tastes like pork loin.

Very few of the animal rights activists came out, with the Humane Society urging their supporters to stay home. They are trying to use legislative means to oust Richards. But at least one commissioner has advised lawmakers against removing Richards.

“My message is, he who is without sin cast the first stone,” said commission member Jim Kellogg, who noted he has hunted out of state and been urged to shoot wolves. “Having done that, and if I do as of this meeting, you won’t see no picture of me.”

There is one small hiccup in the story, according to the Associated Press, the hunt was part of a population control operation. Some are saying that this means Richards hunt was a gift, which could land Richards in some ethical trouble.

Round one goes to Richards. We’ll see how this ends up.

Head over to the Sportsmen Vote Polling Center to take our poll on whether you think Mr. Richards should lose his job, or not.

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  • Nicholas

    The hunt was legal, he should keep his job.

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