California’s Fish and Game Commission President Keeps His Job

We’ve been following the Dan Richards saga out in California closely, and now word has just come in from KeepAmericaFishing that Richards will keep his job as the California Fish and Game Commission President.

Richards’s position was under scrutiny after a legal mountain lion hunt he took in January in Idaho. Richards posted some photos on Facebook of the hunt, and the animal rights activists came after him.

But sportsmen have had his back the entire time, and even here on Sportsmen Vote where 91 percent of poll respondents said he should keep his job, and it worked. According to a release from KeepAmericaFishing, the state legislature is no longer considering a resolution to remove Richards.

“The organizations leading the charge against Richards have a much broader agenda. As a commissioner, Richards has consistently voted on the side of sound science and proven fish and wildlife management. Richards has been a voice of reason throughout the flawed Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) initiative, a controversial program that threatens sportfishing in California, and the businesses and 20,000 jobs that depend on it, by unnecessarily closing large areas of the ocean to recreational fishing,” KeepAmericaFishing states.

Keep up the good work Mr. Richards.

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