Costas uses football game to comment on Gun Control.

When we turn on a Sunday football game, we expect to see just that—great football and great commentary.  On Sunday’s night’s NFL game, however, NBC sportscaster, Bob Costas, used his halftime segment to weigh in on gun control. The Internet is abuzz with responses.


NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox had this to say, and you can read the original article here.

You can also find a copy of the transcript and blog comments from CNN.


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4 Responses
  • Hunter1

    I’m all for free speech, but Bob Costas should stick to commenting about sports. Using his air time on NBC as a bully pulpit to espouse his views on gun control was completely inappropriate.

  • 357..

    as hunter 1 said ,im all for free speech,but its not bob costas job to come on my tv during half time with his garbage senairial.i could go on n on about i dont think that was very smart on his part,again people kill people not guns.guns are here to stay,get used to it,the way this world and economys going ,duh! what do you expect.i will protect my right to bear arms to the bitter end and im sure ALOT of americans feel the same way…yes make them ill leagle and the black market will go crazy,umm hmm very smart…geez..

  • Van

    Fact of the matter if Costas would have said something constructive about Gun ownership like; “The shooting at Newton,CT. could have been prevented by the mother owning and using a safe to secure the weapons.” I would have supported his remarks. It is an issue smeared in emotions and guns and emotions do not go together!

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