How to Tell an Obama Supporter from a Romney Supporter

We’ve touched on political party differences in past discussions, but a study by CivicScience takes that to a whole new level. After surveying 191,144 Americans over the course of the last six months, CivicScience says its list of 255 questions is an accurate predictor of whether someone will vote for Romney or Obama. Here are the questions that relate to sportsmen’s issues, plus what your answers may indicate about you.

#6 Energy Policy- While debates about Obama’s economic and health care policies have dominated his first term, that doesn’t mean that voters are any less divided on matters pertaining to energy. 76% of Romney supporters feel that solar energy should not be subsidized by the government (#13). Just as many Obama supporters feel the opposite. For more traditional forms of energy, Obama supporters feel that the economic benefits of coal energy do not outweigh its adverse environmental impact (#36), and that taxes should be raised on the oil and natural gas industry (#47). Romney supporters? Not so much.

#10 Gun Control- Obama supporters love guns. Romney supporters don’t. (Okay, it’s the opposite – just keeping you on your toes.)

#21 Sports and Country- We can safely assume that a big NASCAR fan is going to support Romney. Same holds true if they like to hunt or fish, or listen to country music.

Also interestingly, people who have blue eyes or own dogs are more likely to vote Romney, while someone who drives a General Motors, Mini or Fiat vehicle is probably in the Obama camp.

CivicScience’s survey meets what statisticians call “statistical significance”–in other words, how you answer the survey truly predicts how you’re likely to vote, even if you’d prefer to keep it a secret. However, we wonder if this survey would’ve been applicable, say, 20 years ago. As a whole, American voters have arguably never fallen into more easily defined political camps. According to the National Journal, just 15 years ago, more than half of House members were centrists. But now, nearly all have been voted out by a war on moderates resulting from our vast political divide. Few Blue Dog Democrats and so-called “RINO” Republicans have survived. Political analysts say the parties have been pushed toward opposite ends of the spectrum. And, if a party has drifted from the center, wouldn’t that make it easier to predict its supporters?

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  • Todd

    Question #21, I am an avid hunter and if this was the issue that I cast my vote on it would clearly be for Obama. I hunt MT, WY,ND, CO, UT and ID. In all of these states I have lost productive public hunting land to energy development. If this level of public land development occurs under a tree hugging solar liberal, I can imagine what will happen once the guy who doesn’t even know why we have public lands is elected.

    • JGR

      Todd, the majority of those leases were signed under Bush…so there’s your answer there.

    • JGR

      Obama doesn’t touch gun issues, and won’t, yet this site is designed to make him look anti-gun. Also, he supports clean water. Why are we bashing him on this site again? What is the purpose of this site I want to know then.

      • BW

        Look at the environmental policies of both parties: Republicans could care less about the environment; they want NO regulations, NO EPA, and the freedom of any corporation to exploit, polute, and destroy the environment at will. Democrats are at the opposite spectrum and support environmental protections. How can you vote for Republicans on this issue alone?

        • Chut96

          BW, why would you make such false statement about Republicans. You are not using your head but instead letting emontion and lkies get the best of you. How long can a business exist if they destroy their surroundings. How long can a hunter hunt if they kill everything that moves? We know better than to act like that and so does Business.

          • RE

            Chut96, are you serious? Have you seen the pictures of mountain side removal and the fly ash sludge-storage ponds? If you think that the CEOs of major corporations, whether it be energy related or not, care about the same lands that we, regular Americans, use for our sporting activities think again. They’ll be happy with their palatial estates with plenty of private land around them to hunt and fish and do whatever else they want on, while destroying the natural areas accessible to the American populace.

            I’m with you on hunter’s (for the most part, but the same can be said about any person recreating in the outdoors [i.e. backpackers, kayakers, climbers, etc]) being good stewards of the land, but you really need to reevaluate how you view big business.

      • Don

        Obama just banned the import of millions of M1 carbines and M1 Garands, 2 rifles loved by American shooters and in short supply. These guns are not any more lethal than any other widely available firearms on the market. His administration also attempted to sign the UN small Arms Treaty, threatening every citizens right to stay armed. What planet do you live on?

        • RE

          You obviously have done no reading about the UN Small Arms Treaty. In no way does it threaten the sovereignty of any nation in terms of arms. What the UN Small Arms Treaty does it impose greater penalties for the ILLEGAL transport and sale of arms to foreign countries. To further counter your argument, the Obama administration refused to sign the current incarnation of the Small Arms Treaty. To add to that, any treaty requires a 2/3rds vote by the Senate, so the chance of a treaty being ratified that would eliminate an American’s ability to bear arms is slim to none. Next time you want through out a random conspiracy theory, read a little bit before hand so that you’re not just spewing utter nonsense.

          • M Barta

            H Clinton said she supports the treaty. Who does she work for.
            Bingo… Obama.

          • M Barta

            If the NRA says we need to fear Obama that is enough for me.
            If the rest of you folks want to believe the hype from abc ,CNN and the likes
            … Good luck.

          • JoSCh

            If the NRA says we need to fear Obama that is enough for me…

            Exactly why the GOP is dying. Our members were bought by special interests.

      • Tex Expatriate

        Your remark is utter nonsense. If you have studied Obama and his development, and if you have paid attention to his remarks to his Marxist devotees, he has made it clear he opposes the 2bd Amendment. Fast and Furious was all about engineering support for gun control, if not confiscation.

      • ABS

        Look at his supreme court nominees, the disgrace he has for an attorney general, and his whole cabinet is anti- american out to destroy the constitution. If you cant see it have some more kool-aid.

      • M Barta

        Obama has already said he is keeping his gun control plans under the radar. That is a fact!

      • Glen

        Just one question then…. Why is he not releasing the documents regarding the sale of arms to Mexican Cartels?

      • Glen

        Sorry JGR… I just can’t let this one go.. What the heck! Are you an Ostrich? Take your head out of the sand man and look around you! Where was Obama Governor? Which state is the only state that does not allow handguns? I don’t know if you are ignorant or just plain stupid!!!!!

        • JoSCh

          Where was Obama governor? – No where. He was a senator from Illinois.
          What state doesn’t allow handguns? – Handguns are legal in all states, including the implied Illinois.

          You don’t know if he is ignorant or just stupid? Were you looking in a mirror when you wrote that?

      • Guess you had better try to bullshit someone else.Everybody Knows Obama -Pelosi-Clinton and other key liberals are trying to get our wepons taken away through the United nations.

      • Hoss

        Dont you get it? Obama does sneaky things behind our backs, He thinks he can do whater every he wants and not follow the rules.The man is a threat to our way of freedom, he nothing but a snake in the grass.

      • kirk davis

        O’bama side stepped the gun issue only in first 4 years as he learned from Clinton that leaving the gun issue alone was one way to avoid upseting large majority. he has promised his liberal base gun regulations and he will unleash a flood of gun regulations in the last four. God help us all.

  • I have been shooting since I was six years old. I used to support the NRA when they were about shooting safety and the support about gun ownership. These attacks on President Obama are unwarranted. Assault weapons with magazine larger than our troops use, come on.

    • Pete

      You can transport yourself with a Ford Fiesta. Would you therefore be in favor of everyone only being able to buy a Ford Fiesta? That is what you suggest. If I use that assault weapon with that “magazine larger than our troops use” (BTW the troops would use the larger mags if the Army had the money in it’s budget to buy them but we need to cut unecessary defense spending).
      Really how often are these assult weapons actually used in any crime? Just barley above never especially considering how many of them are being bought. What scares you so much knowing that people have them? You could kill a lot of people with a car if you wanted to run them down. It’s not the gun nor the magazine it’s the criminal that uses them illegally. I’m not a criminal and I don’t use my guns or magazines illegally and I don’t desire to be told what I can purchase with my money that I earned (someone did not give me that nor build it for me). If you don’t want to own one you don’t have too just leave my right to alone.

    • Tex Expatriate

      I guess you are a Marxist, too.

    • G White

      There are sure a lot of trolls on this site. No real gun owner or shooter or hunter would defend Berry or Obama or whatever his real name is. He is a marxist at best, but he is worse than that. WAKE UP

  • Mkelley

    Yeah, Obama wouldn’t “touch guns.” That is, unless he gets another term, God help us.

    • BW

      Obama’s record on gun-control is “0.” He, in fact, “extended” gun-rights in 2010 by passing a bill that gave us all the “right-to-carry” in National Parks. The NRA gave him no credit, or honorable mention for that and continue to portray him as being “totally” anti-gun. The anti-gun Brady organization has given him a grade of “0″ because he has done nothing to restrict gun rights.

      • Chut96

        What do you think Fastt & Furious was about? Its goal was to limit gun control in the US. Also, why is the US working with the UN on a worldwide gun ban?

      • SW

        The reason Obama signed that into law wasn’t because he liked it, but because Republicans attached it to a bill he wanted to sign. He did not sign a stand alone bill on that issue. I wonder if he read it.

  • Rick Benson

    Gun owners and supporters of the 2nd amendment should support reasonable restrictions on guns. I own many guns, but have never seen a reason for a 30 round magazine.

    • Pete

      He did tell Sarah that he was working on it “under the radar”. What do you think he meant by that remark? The same thing he meant when he told Russian PM the same when it concerned the Missle defense system. He will sell America out to anyone to serve his own purpose.

    • Pete

      And yet I have, that is why we are a free (for now) society. If you don’t want one you don’t have to buy one. I do and I want the right to buy anything I want as long as I use it legally. BTW we have reasonable restrictions on guns. They are called “LAWS” and criminals are the ones who break them and guess what, they will continue to break them that is why they are called criminals.

    • Ryan

      Less reloading time which gives you more shooting time, duh!

  • AED

    Nugent: Good Guy Just lost a lot of support, the man is our leader, ctfout

    • BW

      I’m a “Life-Member” of the NRA for the last 25 years, but I’ve seen “radical” changes in their attitudes, emphasis, and the type of people they appoint to their board-of-directors. Ted Nugent is one of them. This guy was a Viet Nam draft-dodger, but talks like he’s a “brave-heart.” When he says something, it’s usually vile, insulting, and disgusting. He makes non-gun owner’s think every gun- owner is as “crazy” as him. He’s a dispicable representative for and about gun issues. As a comparison, and example of a strong, decent, and respectable proponent and speaker on gun issues, and the 2nd Amendment was a former President of the NRA, Charlton Heston. He was someone every NRA member could “look-up” to with respect and admiration; Ted Nugent is not in that category.

      • OCC

        Amen on Charlton Heston. The NRA has become more radical concerning their opposition to any changes in gun laws. Perhaps they see the anti-gunners as moving step by step toward a no private firearms society. I’d like to see more firearms safety promoted instead of this rabid political no way attitude. We could still shoot and hunt, I believe. I’ve been a gun enthusiast and NRA for many years.

      • OCC

        Guys, most all politicians lie and will say almost anything to get your vote and get RE-ELECTED. Look at it this way. Does Mr. Obama have leadership qualities? Overall, what has he done for us the past four years? And Romney. Is he a leader? What has he done in the years up to 2012? Take a good look at both. Set aside parties and after you look both in the eye, vote your conscience and your country.

    • Jay

      Nugent is a draft dodger who has broken more rules in the field than anyone I know. My brother served 67 68 I served 72, Nugent is a one pump chump with a streak of yellow up his back!

    • Jay

      I am glad to see folks here that have researched their vote and know that Romney will be a disaster for working folk. As for the folks that think Obama is evil…get over it bubba!

      • John

        Obama is the worst president this country has ever had and hopefully he will go down in all history as the worst ever!!

        If we get one that is worse than he is,it is all over for the country we call the USA!!

        • wilbur

          John…Obama the worst president?????You must have living on another planet during 8 years of Bush.

          • SW

            Yes the Bush years. Low unemployment, the largest amount of money going to the U.S. Treasury in history while lowering taxes, stalling a recession that started under the last year of the Clinton Administration. Those years ya mean.

        • Balls

          Well I didn’t think anyone could top Bush. He pretty much gutted our rights under the Constitution,.Economy was in a death spiral. If any one can top that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Romney can!
          There is nothing sadder than a poor republican.

      • Bruce

        Obama had 3 chances to vote to stop partial birth abortion as an IL senator. He did just the opposite! He does not have the common decency to know this is wrong! He is evil in every sense of the word. But you liberals could care less about the most helpless and innocent in our society!!!

    • Jay

      This site isn’t about fishing, it’s about fronting for the GOP…no contributions .

    • Jay

      I suspect this site s less about fishing than it is about stumping for Romney.

  • I’m a Union Retiree, (IUPAT), Union Sportsman, Varmit Hunter, SASS Cowboy Shooter, IPSC/USPSA Shooter, Life member in both, I own two(2) Pick-up Trucks, one Diesel, I fish, and I am a Vietnam U.S.Marine Vet!!! I filed for hearing loss and PTSD six(6) times with other administrations, and got a Service Connection for both during this administration for both!!!
    Vote your PAY CHECK, NOT YOUR SPORT!!!!!

    • John

      If you want to have a paycheck you had better change your vote!

    • SW

      Sport has nothing to do withe the 2nd Amendment. What you seem to be saying is-Vote your pocketbook not the constitutional rights provided by our creator. How much of a free society are you willing to sacrifice so you can maintain your lively hood.

  • I have a bunch of guns, a diesel Pick-up truck, listen to both Country and Rock, I fish, I think Natural Gas Fracking is way wrong, I love high capacity magazines, and cases of ammo, I’m a Union Sportsman, and I don’t believe many of the big money Republican TV Political Commercials!!! Most are Lies!!!
    So does it screw up your pole when I say I’m VOTING FOR OBAMA!?!?!?!

    • Hope Sanford

      I can hardly tell you how happy it makes me to read somebody who THINKS about and evaluates everything rather than intransigently cementing themselves into a mold. Most comments sections make me wanna renounce my claim on being human. Thanx for your post.

    • John

      Sure does – If you want to keep all your “toys” you had better take another look at all the lies coming out of the Obama campaign. Might want to look at all the object failures int he past 4 years and a 16T debt!!

      • Pete

        You are brainwashed man! Turn off FOX news

        • G White

          Pete, you need to watch Fox and stay away from msnbc

  • Kori

    Anyone who loves guns and hunting, should never vote for Obama. Right now Obama is targeting veterens by saying if you have to visit a pyschistrist for any reason you lose you ability to own guns or hunt. So Warren you are either uninformed about Obama or a liar.

    • Jay

      Obama knows that guns are a third rail for him. The only thong Obama has done in regard to ammunition is provide manufacturers a field day in sales. All these clowns signaling the end of gun ownership and here is a joke U.N.intervention in domestic U.S. affairs. Keep drinking the kool aid ammo sales are through the roof cuz you think there won’t be any available, wht a joke…on you my friends.

  • Les

    You people who want Obama for another 4 years are ignorant of Obama’s anti gun stance. look it up and get yourself informed. If you are not willing to be be informed, then you should not be allowed to vote. If Obama gets in you deserve to lose all your guns and all your freedoms!

    • BW

      I’ve followed Obama on gun issues. He’s done nothing to restrict gun rights. In fact, he extended gun rights in 2010 by passing a law that allows us all to possess and carry a firearm in National Parks. The NRA, which I’m a “Life Member” for 25 years has refused to aknowlege, or even give honorable mention to the President for signing that law. Over 25 years, I’ve watched the NRA become more-and-more radical and unreasonable on the issues. Hey, but if it works for Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre who “shaves-off” from members’ dues a $1,000,000 salary, plus “bennies” like “free hunts,” etc., why change your “tune.”

    • wilbur

      Nobody is taking my guns…I’m worried about about Rommey/Ryan taking my Social Securty and handing it over to Wall Street gamble with.

  • (required)

    Hey Mr. Burns, it’s nice that you get a paycheck under obama but I wouldn’t hold my breath on keeping one considering how low he let unemployment drop! As a recent graduate I’m voting Romney. I don’t know how people with ‘job security’ feel but I wouldn’t only like a job myself, I would also like to know that my future children would live in a better off America than what we’ve been seeing for 4 years already -_-
    God Bless—
    And thanks for serving our country. =]
    Oh and final note——- Gas prices would drop CONSIDERABLY with Romney in office and he’s already preparing a budget plan. Something Obama has YET TO DO in the 4 years he’s been in office! 0_0

    • BW

      Republicans blame Obama for the 8.1% un-employment, yet we’ve had 12 years of Bush tax-cuts to the “job-creators.” How come the job rate isn’t, maybe, 4 or 5 % after all these years of tax-cuts for the “rich?” Yet, if Romney is elected, Republicans want to give the “job-creators” another 20 % on top of what they are already getting. Obama has had a “Jobs Bill” that Republicans have refused to sign that would have put an estimated 2 to 3 million Americans back to work. Please explain to me where Republicans care about the unemployed?? Please explain to me where Republicans care about the deficit when they “fight” Obama about taxing the very rich just a little bit more to help the country. They’ve done everything in their power to make Obama “fail” at everything he’s tried to do to help the middle class. They have “filibustered” and “blocked” more legislation to help the country than any Congress in U.S. history. Republicans have even voted to block legislation when Obama included things that they wanted, just to make him look bad. I ask you, where is their concern, or patriotism for America???

      • John

        Reality check!! Get off the kool-aid!!

      • SW

        The reblicans have passed many jobs bills, but Harry Reid won’t allow them to come up in the Senate for discussion. Funny, but when I was in school we learned that one of the houses would pass a bill and then send it over to the other. Thjat house would then vote on it yes or no. If yes it passed if no it was killed. If the other house made changes and voted yes then the two house would get together to hash out the differences until a compromise was reached and get the bill passed. That is very hard to do if one house (the Senate) refuses to even bring it up. I believe Reid does this so his people won’t have to go on record voting town a bill that may help the people.

    • Jay

      Obama let jobs decrease? What a joke, two wars, unfounded tax breaks for folks who don’t serve in wars. Really buddy? Are you smoking by youself?

    • Tom H.

      What leads you to believe that gas prices would drop under Governor Etch-a-Sketch?

  • NewShooter

    Hey Les, I can’t find any stances he’s taken that differ much from Romney’s. Do you have specific examples? I can’t find any. He isn’t the most pro-sportsman president we’ve had, but neither candidate has done much to erode (or bolster) the second amendment.

    • SW

      Look at his record while in his home state. That should answer your question.

      • Kon

        Since there is so many fields of seicialteps that I have a choice of, I still really can’t choose one. So I am going base on my personal experiences. My original goal back in high school and maybe even before that, was to work in a Neonatal ICU! I had a brother that passed before he had his first birthday from heart complications, and that year I spent a lot of time at hospitals with my parents. My goal the first couple of years was to work with babies just like him. That was until I had my own children, I would of still loved to have worked in that career field but the heart ache I would most likely endure when one of those babies did not make it home. I could not have handled!On to more positive experiences, I have worked with the elderly and Geriatrics interests me very much. Being surrounded with people that have lived a fulfilled life is so much more rewarding. Even though at times it is the ending stages of their lives, and it is sad when someone does pass. It’s less of a heartache to know that most of the time they are ready to move on. They are still very dependent on you and when you are able to help them with their needs that’s the most rewarding of all, plus you form a special relationship with the patients and their families.

  • Kori

    Newshooter are you serious. Obama is anti-gun. Just look at his stance with ex-military. Obama adminstration came out with a list of people to be worried about and ex-military is on it. His admistration is trying to convince military to say they are having nightmares so they can get more money and then they use that they went to the shrink meaning they cant own a gun because they might kill someone. Obama made fun of certain people by saying they cling to their guns and religion. Obama is definitely anti-gun.

    • BW

      I’m a Viet Nam era veteran who commanded a combat unit, and have watched Obama “closely.” He has passed more legislation to help veterans and their families than any President since WWII. In addition, his wife and Biden’s wife have been constantly working to help veterans and their families. To me, when Obama said certain people …”cling to their guns and religion,” I took that as a positive statement, because he was talking about people like me, and my family, and he was absolutely correct on the point. Why people took that negatively, I’ll never know. There was nothing “funny” about it! As far as gun-control, he’s done nothing to restrict gun rights.

    • Jay

      What a croc, Obama, anti military? What a joke, Bush called for a 60 per cent decrease in VA budget the same day he stood on the fantail of that ship and claimed victory, sad memory bub.

  • Just a quick FYI, there are several states that have Democrat Gun Owner’s Caucuses set up. OR, AZ, TX and MO are working to reduce the image of the “Democrat/Liberal Gun Grabber”. The NRA-ILA isn’t the only game in town and their FUD doesn’t work on everyone. Which Candidate has signed an AWB into law?

    • BW

      Your absolutely right! I’m a 25 year “Life-Member” of the NRA, but I’ve watched them “slide” into the “radical” zone, especially in recent years. Republicans think that only they are well “armed,” and members of the NRA. I’ve got “news” for them: There are many, many, many Democrats and Independents that are equally “armed,” if not more so. Obama has done “nothing” to restrict our 2nd Amendments rights, even though the NRA tries to convince us otherwise.

      • wilbur

        I would not be shocked if Gun MFGs and trhe NRA secretly want Obama re-elected. Obama has done more for gun sales than any president in recent history…think about it.

  • tazman

    As a person who helped vote president Obama in. He is anti-gun look at his court appointments look at his past he comes from a background of gun control. The only reason he hasn’t pushed for more gun laws is because he knows it is political suicide. But he won’t have to worry about that if reelected. He needs to be a one term president. If Romney wins we need to watch him very closely and if things don’t improve with him then he needs to be a one term president also. We need to let all politicians know they are replaceable

    • wilbur

      Just take a good look at Rommeys past record on guns when he was Gov of Mass and you will find that he is not really a friend of gun owners. Before that.. when Colt was about to go belly up they approched Bain Capitol for a deal. Rommey would not do business with them because”it might make Bain look bad” to do business with a gun MFG. Rommey is about a phony as it gets. He claimed to be a hunter but as the truth came out his only hunting experience was shooting at some rats when he was a teenager. You may not like Obama but atleast he doesn’t claim to be something he is not..I respect that in a person.

  • John

    It is easy to tell the difference:
    If someone is working, paying taxes and paying attention to what is going on they are probably voting Romney. If someone is not working, not paying taxes or just deluded and enjoying “free” stuff from the government “borrowed” (4000 million dollars a day) from those who work and their descendants then they are probably voting Obama.

    • Don

      John you are a frigging idiot. I own a small business and was able to grow slightly in the last few years thanks to the tax cuts Obama helped us get, Under Romney I will pay an extra 14k a year in taxes at the rate he desires us to pay. No that 14k will mean I will have to let go of at least one employee, if every small business has to do that also, that will mean unemployment rates will go back up. STart using your brain people instead of just listening to GOP propaganda, Romney wants to do the exact same thing Bush did, and look where that put this beautiful country.

      • G White

        Don,you are the frigging idot!

        • wilbur

          G White….why is Don idiot?… is it because he is telling the truth and you can’t handle the truth.

    • wilbur

      John..what a narrow minded comment.

  • Al

    I hope this article is written in jest, otherwise the author is a true moron!

  • sunshine state

    Good thing,so far,gun ownership and use is not dependent on any one party,or restricted to a certain party affiliation.

    Democrats deserve our gratitude for Conservation leadership.

    The public is not very knowledgeable or,dare say sophisticated about the issues.

  • jworryfree

    Speaking of guns how is Osama Bin Ladin doing these days?
    This CCP moderate is voting for Obama.

    • Aaron

      agreed. in fact, Obama’s most common involvement with guns in his time in office has been sending our highly trained badass soldiers out to kill bad guys…and I think that’s just fine.

      seriously, where do people get the idea that Obama is some kind of peace-nick gun hater? He basically told Muamar Gaddafi to give up or die, and then he sent in planes, bombs and equipment and probably some special forces, and guess what? Gaddafi died..that trash got took out. Obama has been decisive and aggressive, and people who are paying attention know it.

  • drwalleye

    Pres. Obama is a friend of gun owners, he has repelled more gun laws than any Republican before him. He is a conservationist; he won’t kill our fish because he will conduct environmental due-diligence and not allow corp. america to ravage our nature preserves. Romney more-than-likely would view a BP-type oil spill as an oops-cost-of-doing-business.

    • SW

      Can you tell me which new gun laws Obama repelled?

  • SW
  • Aaron

    Well, I have a pretty large set of anecdotal evidence that is contrary to the so-called statistically significant poll results you have discussed. Myself, my brother in law, my father in law, my 2 hunting buddies, and about 10 guys on my paintball crew are all Obama supporters. We drive fords, toyotas, and motorcycles. We all hunt, fish, and play sports. One of the guys is a former cage fighter. Several of us own guns (I own 6 rifles myself). All of us are gainfully employed, most have Master’s degrees or PhDs, almost all of us have Bachelors Degrees. I am a PhD Engineer, and so is my primary hunting partner, the other guy is a PhD student in Anthropology who makes his own bows and arrows. All of us pay income taxes. Our ages range from 35 to 62.

    As for the numbnuts conversation about gun control laws, here’s a heads up: Obama has done nothing regarding gun control other than allow them into national parks and on Amtrak. Romney has signed more anti-gun legislation than Obama. More importantly, Obama’s position on gun control has remained pretty constant throughout his career. He, like every rational person in the country, thinks we should have very strict laws about who can own guns, similar to Switzerland. Lunatics, felons, and people with no training should not be allowed to buy guns.

    Try this exercise: Think of someone you know who could not pass a mental-health screening, a background check, and a gun safety course…seriously, who do you know that could not pass all 3? Now, decide if you think that idiot should be allowed to own a gun.

    Note: EVERY GUN MASSACRE IN THE USA IN THE LAST 5 DECADES HAS BEEN COMMITTED WITH LEGAL GUNS BY PEOPLE WHO WERE MENTALLY INCOMPETENT. Colorado theater, columbine, virginia tech, jared loughner, on and on, all of those lunatics used LEGAL guns. Clearly, we have not developed gun control well enough to stop lunatics from getting guns. If we had, then some of these lunatics would have been turned down at the gun store and would have gone out to the street where all these frothy-mouthed imbeciles think any dinkus with a fist full of dollars can buy a gun.

    By the way, I know a little bit about the underside of society, and let me just explain something to those of you who think that anyone can just walk downtown to their nearest ghetto an buy an illegal or untraceable gun. If you somehow managed to find a guy willing to sell illegal guns, and you showed up without a serious reputation, a gang, or some back up, that guy would point the gun at your stupid face and take your money. then he would go back to his crib and laugh with his bros about the idiot middle-class fool that thought he could buy an untraceable gun. Suburbanites dont get to buy stuff like that, generally.

  • wilbur

    The NRA is very good at putting fear in it’s members. The fact is the gun industry has thrived under President Obama. The NRA told us that President Obama was going to take away our guns and what did we do….run out and bought more guns and stocked up on ammo. Some gun MFG can’t even keep up with the demand. They will never admit it but the NRA and the rest of the gun industry love Obama because he put alot our money in their pockets.

  • wilbur

    Well Mr. Nugent..your are not dead, in jail and you didn’t leave the country….. All hat and no cattle.

  • Altmed

    If there are two groups on a ball, for this example we’ll use a spinning ball (representing earth), then those groups go in opposite directions, eventually they will pass each other on the other side of the earth, the wind up in the same place when they are done making a 360.

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