“Hunting Obsessed” Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP Candidate

The speculation surrounding the Romney Veepstakes is over: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), a 42-year-old fiscal conservative who made a fast rise to GOP stardom, will join Mitt Romney on the GOP presidential ticket.

While some sportsmen remain suspicious of Romney’s voting record on several sportsmen’s issues, Ryan boasts strong hunting, fishing and pro-gun credentials. He was described in a New York Times article as “hunting obsessed,” and his passion for archery is well documented (we wonder, however, if the demands of a presidential campaign will impact his participation in the Badger State bow season).

Ryan also has an A rating from the National Rifle Association. Among other pro-gun legislation, he voted “yes” on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prohibits reckless lawsuits against firearms manufacturers; “yes” on National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity; “yes” on the D.C. Personal Protection Act to grant gun rights to Washington, D.C. residents; and “yes” on the Affordable Reloaded Munitions Supply Act to rescind the ban on sales of used military brass to civilians.

And, interestingly, Ryan lent ardent support to passage of the 2012 Farm Bill. Quite a few Tea Party favorites opposed the bill, calling it wasteful spending, but it appears to us that Ryan recognizes the difference between a pork bill and one that benefits soil conservation, wildlife and sportsmen.

What do you think: Is Ryan our dream candidate, a poor choice or somewhere in between?

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  • IDK , could just be political propaganda to get voters. Romney is still in the pocket of the wealthy few….who will do anything to keep their $ this pick could just be BS to get voters and he gets a free ride to white house and does nothing.

    • What’s a matter son, don’t like the man because he has money? You don’t like successful people? I thought that’s what America was all about!!!

      • Lori Haggerty

        Nice reply Mark! I’m sick of Obama stirring up Class warfare.

    • Pete

      Nobama is Good Bama. If Romney is what we have to choose the Romney it shall be. I’ll vote for anyone who opposes Barry Obammy. Seriously Romney could not be worse than Obama if he does anything it will be more than the current pres who has done nothing except try to divide the country by creating class warfare, race warfare,and spending trillions of dollars that we do not have without one benifit to show for it.

    • People that don’t know the Romney’s are against them. Or
      are you jealous he knew how to make money faster and
      you don’t. He never took a salary while governor of Mass.
      but I bet you took money when you worked. enough

    • Todd hunter

      Just like a liberal always hating others success. your a victim in your own mind and you feel u don’t stand a chance to be successful but you do and to stupid to realize it, you can do anything you put your mind too like anyone else can.

  • Cliff

    Anyone will be an improvement over Mr. Obama!

  • Eric

    My dog just took a crap in the hallway. I do believe that the pile he left behind would do a better job than the current Administration.

    • Richard Jordan

      Next time your dog takes a dump, ask what he dropped how if feels to be a Democrat.

  • Robert Koehne

    That’s being generous.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    When Mitt picked his V.P. it made Obama the lesser of two evels. Since I do own only one semi auto made that is an import. I guess I could give up that one to Obama gun grab. But I will keep all the other 41 handguns and long. That is why it is always best to buy made in the USA. Only bad thing will be the loss of high cap magazines. But I own a few and they can’t have them (Obama gun grab). That is why I built my house where I did. I can see the batf five miles off.

    • Neon

      Jeepers Creepers, you really don’t get it. You are like so many others who have said THEY won’t go that far. Well they do! It starts as just a few restrictions and snowballs over a few ear period. In California it used to be legal to carry in public buildings. Now we have 10 round magazine capacities for anything, all handguns must go through CA DOJ testing along with massive fees charged to the manufacturers to have their products tested and now we are about to have everything with a magazine release from 10/22′s to 1911′s to virtually every new style firearm made felony illegal. There are about to be 10 million or so automatic accidental felons in CA and it will just fan out from there. You just don’t get it.

      • Allen Godin

        Amen Neon, the idea that I don’t care if someone else’s guns will be taken because I don’t own one must stop. We must all hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately. Jeepers Creepers, check your history of Nazi Germany.

  • Jeepers Creepers


  • J R

    This feel good choice may appeal to “I’ll show ya” right wing white male hunters and women with a Y chromosome but it’s actually a poor strategic choice to win an election.

  • Jim Thornsberry

    Paul Ryan was one of the only people on capital hill that had a complete and plausible budget proposal and no one would listen I think this will make a good team to get things done.

  • Allen Godin

    As to the issue of the Farm Bill, could you please carefully explain how $1 TRILLION in Farm Welfare equates to protection for soil conservation and benefits sportsman or wildlife? It kills the small farms that we hunt on turning them into housing developments and wind farms. I’ve seen it first hand, while large farms buy new equipment they don’t need including dozens of personal vehicles for everyone in their family to have 2-3 a piece while only able to drive one at a time.
    Paul Ryan and all Sportsman will be better off to remember that spending that is not enumerated in the Constitution will bring this nation to ruin, and we’re already on the fast track. I hope his vote on the farm bill was solely to support the the aspects of the sportsman’s provisions which should have never been added to this bill in the first place.
    If Congress doesn’t start voting single issues up or down on their own merit how can we tell who our real friends are? Given any particular vote on some Representative’s and Senator’s records you can’t tell which part of the bill they voted for or against. This practice of using a rider bill must stop.

  • Dwayne

    This is a Romney presidency, not Ryan. Just like its is Obama not Biden. Romney has questioned the legitimacy of Public Lands. Romney does not know the difference between an elk or a moose. Obama has not passed any gun legislation, despite everyone lining up and filling their basements with powder because they thought their would be expiration date. I am not defending either, but if this is about hunting and fishing then it is about habitat. Not the gun debate. This is about having wild places for our kids to go and harvest game to put in their freezer for the winter. That is what being a sportsman is about. Remember that first and foremost. If you want to have to pay to hunt and be on the European style of hunting and fishing where everything is private, please vote for the man you think will head us down that road.

    • Pete

      It will not be Obama. What road has he led us down while spending four years with the sole purpose of getting re-elected so he can enact his real agenda? Don’t be a fool look at his statements. He is drooling wating for the oppurtunity to get a free run at totally destroying the Constitution the 2nd ammendment and the country that we have known. NO THANKS Dewayne.

      • Tom S.

        This times 1000. Any one who does not have a agenda (read handout) would know this if they were to just think.

  • warren

    This is not about hunting. It is about the 2ND Amendment and the economy. The reason Obama has not attacked the 2ND is because the snake-he was the brains that put President Clinton in office-has said it is political sucide. If he gets a second term and a congressional majority, we are all in danger as he will have nothing to loose.

  • I saw a bumper sticker that says it all ” let’s not make the error of 2008, the era of 2013, remember to vote in November 2012 – ENOUGH SAID ! ! ! ! & remember what OLD Bummer said to the Russian Medvedev, in the hot mike incident about his lame duck status, do you get his intent, & how will it translate to other hot button issues Rootin Tootin Shootin Ray

    • DogShawRed, Cliff Shaw

      25 Years ago we had Ronald Reagan,
      Johnny Cash and Bob Hope
      Today we have Barack Obama
      NO Cash and NO Hope
      Enough said!!!!!!!

  • Brian Koch

    He has my vote. Good luck Paul

  • Connie

    I think Paul Ryan is an excellent choice for the ticket! Things have GOT to change and by picking Ryan, Romney is telling everyone that he is not going to mess around. He is going to get down to the business of governing the country and getting government OUT of our business. Smaller government, lower taxes and jobs. That is what this ticket represents. Look at the numbers and look at the facts. Great choice.

  • Independent

    The Romney / Ryan Ticket is going to save ” The American Dream” from Team Obama’s Crony Capitalism Ideology.

  • johnny stiles

    Romney/Ryan = R&R= Rescue/Restore

  • johnny stiles


  • johnny stiles


  • greg gowen

    It would be great to have men in the white house again, good luck, !

  • TRIP

    Need to be scared? go to a bookstore or libary read the first chapter more if you have time of Duped America by Richard Bernstien

  • tony prodigo

    May our Almighty God give you and Mitt the strength, courage, and the triumph in retaking America and bring back the dreams and future of our children and grandchildren in our most beloved country, the U.S.A. and once again make this nation the mighties country of them all. SGM(Ret),USArmy

  • Jeff

    You all must be the 1% or the 53% R&R will be a disaster for the common sportsperson.

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