Conservative group slams GOP leaders on health care act

TALLAHASSEE — Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers-backed conservative lobby group, is slamming Gov. Rick Scott and legislative leaders Will Weatherford and Don Gaetz for remarks saying they needed to move forward to implement the Affordable Care Act.

All three men have conceded that with Mitt Romney’s loss to President Barack Obama in the election, they need to move forward and accept the law. Scott has requested a meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Weatherford and Gaetz have promised to debate a state health care exchange and Medicaid expansion in the Legislature.

“Numerous governors across the country are joining together to send a strong message to Washington to reject these flawed exchanges� said AFP Florida Director Slade O’Brien. “Weatherford, Gaetz, and Scott’s statements sends the exact wrong signal. Florida should not agree to be the de-facto administrator of the federal government’s rules, regulations and mandates. In light of the recent election, it is clearly now up to the states to get our fiscal house in order. Succumbing to Washington largesse and regulation is the wrong path for Florida.�

Gaetz announced earlier Monday that the Senate would have a select committee handle issues related to implementation of the health care law.

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