Mississippi governor campaigns in Marion for Romney. McCrory

Oct. 29–Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant encouraged McDowell’s Republican leaders Saturday night to do all they can to support Mitt Romney for president and Pat McCrory for governor and help make North Carolina a red state again.

“I think Clint Eastwood had it right,” said Bryant. “Let’s go ahead and make his day.”

Bryant is a former lieutenant governor of Mississippi who took office as the 64th governor of the Magnolia State on Jan. 10. On Saturday, he toured North Carolina, speaking at local Republican headquarters in four different cities during the last days of the early-voting period. He took part in early-voting events at GOP offices in Asheboro, Lexington, Mooresville and, lastly, Marion.

At the local GOP headquarters, Bryant said he loves North Carolina and comes here once a year to visit his in-laws in Lake Lure. He added he can’t wait to have McCrory elected as the next North Carolina governor and become a fellow member of the Republican Governor’s Association.

Most of all, Bryant said he hoped the local GOP leaders would continue to work hard in their community on behalf of the Romney campaign. He stated that the former Massachusetts governor shares his beliefs in encouraging people and business owners to become successful through less taxes and regulation.

In his brief speech, Bryant talked about how he got to see President Ronald Reagan at the White House during an event for the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Bryant was active with the Jaycees in the 1980s.

“He told us that day we must stay the course, we must continue the Republican revolution,” said Bryant of Reagan’s speech.

After hearing the president speak, Bryant came home and decided to run for office so he could make a difference as well.

Bryant also spoke critically about how the current administration reacted during the recent terrorist attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, which left four people dead, including the U.S. ambassador.

“When the first thing we do when someone attacks our embassy and kills our ambassador is apologize, we need a change,” he said. “It is a disgrace for our ambassador to be left in harm’s way and not have the proper support. We knew it was a contemplated, premeditated attack. Everybody in America seems to know that but the president.”

He also talked about how North Carolina’s voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment One, which defines marriage in the state Constitution as existing between one man and one woman. After the marriage amendment was passed in May, Gov. Bev Perdue, a Democrat who opposed it, said she was embarrassed by North Carolina and said it make the Tar Heel State “look like Mississippi.”

Bryant said Saturday he gave Perdue a simple response: “Thank you.”

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly passed a similar amendment in 2004.

Bryant stated that the election of Romney as president and Rep. Paul Ryan as vice president should turn the country’s faltering economy around.

“It will be a renaissance for the free enterprise system,” he said. “I believe our children’s opportunities and their children’s opportunities will once again be the American dream.”

Following his speech, Bryant told The McDowell News that he has seen “tremendous motivation” across the country as he’s traveled in support of the Romney/Ryan ticket.

“The Republican Party is energized,” he said. “People believe it is time for us to elect Mitt Romney. I think you are going to see Democrats and independents coming behind Mitt Romney. There’s a lot of people who are hurting out there.”

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