Paul Ryan: Bowhunting Made Me a Better Public Speaker

Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has been described as “hunting obsessed”. Jay McAninch, CEO of the Archery Trade Association, told ABC News that Ryan is a great hunter and an archery “aficionado” who’s “always consumed with trying this and trying that.”

Ryan’s love of bowhunting has even affected some of his legislative priorities. For instance 10 years ago he passed a bill that lowered taxes for domestic arrow manufacturers.

However, Ryan’s latest comments reveal that bowhunting has had a far larger impact on his career. At the 3:08 mark of this YouTube video parodying MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Ryan compares bowhunting to public speaking and reveals how it’s made him a better congressman:

So, remember parents, take your kids bowhunting. It may just lead them to the White House.

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  • Timothy Beal

    If Ryan and his gang make it to the White House they are going to so destroy the middle class that the rest of us will have to take up hunting so we can get enough protein in our diet. His only agenda is to make the uber rich richer. I don’t care how well he speaks, and he does speak well.


    I really don’t see his bow hunting making him a better speaker unless he talks to the animal before he shoots it!

  • N. Paul

    A thought on the last two comments.
    Timothy, quiet please; the adults are talking and quite watching NBC it will hurt your I.Q.
    R.D, bow hunting can make you a better speaker, better leader and a better person because it takes patience. Patience allows you to think before you speak; something that good speakers know and liberals didn’t know was possible. Knowing what to say and when, is exercising patience.

  • sunshine state

    Some of my fellow hunters are proven idiots

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