Report: “Deer Hunter” Vote Aiding Romney; Hunters’ Wives Not Sold

With election polls indicating essentially a dead heat between President Obama and Mitt Romney, both candidates are jockeying to woo undecided voters. However, those numbers are dwindling–just 4-9 percent of U.S. voters are undecided, depending upon whom you ask. If that sounds like a small group of voters, well, it is. According to many experts, our nation is so divided that the vast majority of folks have picked sides long before campaigns ever kick off.

That doesn’t exactly make life easy for campaign managers. The undecideds are difficult to categorize. They’re a cross-section of America, folks from different backgrounds and with diverse concerns. They are many groups within a group. And determining which to target in order to garner more support than your opponent is a challenging task.

However, one writer says there’s a bloc of undecided voters that Romney would be wise to target: deer hunters’ wives. According to the HuffPo’s Howard Fineman, male deer hunters support Romney over Obama by a 58-34 percent margin; our own presidential polls indicate a similar trend. Deer hunters’ wives? Not so much. Many are undecided and, according to Fineman, could be wooed by the Romney camp:

The Romney campaign has found that the Mrs. Deer Hunters respond strongly to the idea, hotly denied by the president, that Obama wants to end work requirements for welfare. And many of these Catholic voters are open to the argument that Obama’s health care reform law is unfairly forcing Catholic hospitals to provide abortion and contraceptive services to their staff.

Fineman’s argument is largely twofold: deer hunters’ wives (presumably including those who hunt) care about family, the economy and religious issues. Specifically, he seems to believe a lot of hunters are Catholic.

Whatever the Romney campaign’s strategy may be to garner the remaining undecided voters, expect to see it play out tomorrow as the Republican National Convention kicks off in Tampa, Fla. In this era of tightly contested elections, the “bump” in the polls that candidates receive following their conventions are absolutely critical. Fineman predicts the Romney/Ryan message will cater directly to deer hunters:

It’s no accident that the speaking line-up here at the Republican convention is heavily weighted toward prominent Catholics, not only Ryan but Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia. Romney has to hope that the Deer Hunter families are watching, because the convention will be speaking to them as directly as it can.

Are you buying into the Romney campaign’s message? Is your wife?

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  • Stephen

    Again… why the focus on Romney? Why shouldn’t Obama be talking to deer hunters’ wives? Isn’t the point here to help us decide which candidate is best for sportsmen? It seems like you’ve made up your mind, and you’re just trying to convince the rest of us that Romney’s the sportman’s choice… funny thing, too… given that Romney has no understanding of the importance of public land (read: HABITAT) to sportsmen, and that habitat and opportunity aren’t mutually exclusive, it makes you wonder what you’re really trying to accomplish with this site… I don’t care what party a candidate comes from… if he or he supports efforts to protect the places that make it possible for me to shoot the guns I have and fish with my kids without having to pay a fortune for access, they have my vote. And right now, surprisingly, that’s not Romney. Get off your butts folks and do some real research… stop trying to tailor your research to support your preferred outcome in this election–it’s getting comical.

    • Doug

      If Obama is re-elected, we soon may not have guns to shoot anywhere.

  • sunshine state

    Kerry held a Rem 870 over his head at the Remington factory,spoke of hunting but he was a D and many ignored him.

    There is a giant army of outdoor conservastionists that will adhere to Obama.

    • Doug

      Hunting will have a hard time if Obama is re-elected. He can’t serve anymore than four more years, so he will make those years count toward his anti-gun, anti-hunter agenda.

  • Engineer313

    By outdoor Conservastionists, You meean “GREENS”. I live in Arizona, Just a couple of hundred yards from where they stopped the “Wallow Fire” Last year. The largest fire in this states history. It was out of control because it was so overgrown, it was just to hard to get a handle on it. This is the kind of Trash that Obama, has behind him. Not real hunters, of which I am one.

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