Romney Takes Leads Over Obama in New Poll

Mitt Romney holds a 3-percent national lead over President Obama, according to the latest CBS-York Times poll. The poll shows Romney at 46 percent and Obama at 43 percent. This breaks last month’s 46-46 tie, but the race to the White House remains very much still up in the air.

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The poll does not account for Ron Paul’s departure from the race, nor speculation that he’ll run as a third-party candidate. According to our own poll data, in a three-way race, Paul and Romney would likely split a large portion of the sportsmen vote. Would Obama win an easy victory in a three-way battle? Or could Romney win over some of Paul’s supporters?

If the race remains just Romney versus Obama, we’re in for a tight one, folks. As The Hill notes, the economy has thus far dominated the race, with 62-percent of voters citing it as the most important issue. The deficit follows at a distant second at 11-percent. The Hill says “only 7 percent said same-sex marriage was the most important issue in this election,” but in an election thus far separated by only 3 percent, can either candidate ignore a voter bloc that could make all the difference?

Certainly this includes the sportsmen vote. In case you haven’t noticed, presidential candidates need your vote (or at least a big piece of it) in order to win. And they know it. So this November let’s remind candidates just how large and politically active we are. How much we appreciate conservation, access to quality fishing and our gun rights. Because in an election battle this close, it’s that much easier to make our voices felt.

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