Sportsmen And NRA Scream Loud In Albany

For the third year in a row, organizers have brought hunters, anglers, and shooters to Albany, N.Y. to stress the importance of the outdoor vote in New York state.

Coming off the heels of New York state legislators trying to enact a firearms microstamping law in their budget, the rally was organized by the Assembly Minority’s Sportsmen’s Caucus, which included speeches from  Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president and CEO of the NRA.

“Our Second Amendment is the core principle that defines our nation. There is no greater freedom than to own a firearm to protect ourselves, our families, our communities and our nation,” said LaPierre. “Thus, Second Amendment freedom is, truly, the heart and soul of America. And, it is all at stake this year. This is a fight for our values and for the freedom we believe in. It’s all or nothing and gun owners, everywhere, from Albany to Seattle, and from Anchorage to Miami are signing on. The fight is on and the NRA is ALL IN!”

The day included everyday hunters, anglers, and shooters meeting with legislators, talking about a variety of issues including increasing hunting rights for crossbow hunters.

Our sports contribute $1.8 billion to the economy of New York, and hopefully this day serves as an important reminder that our issues are of paramount importance not only in New York, but in all of the United States.

One Response. Where do you stand?
  • Katterskill

    What about conservation issues and protecting habitat? 2nd amendment is obviously important, but there are greater more immediate risks to sportsmen, especially here in NY. Looks like this is nothing more than pandering to supporters and riling up the base- aka instilling 2nd amendment fears to increase NRA membership and generate more dues. And what else would you expect- people fall for it. Hook, line and sinker.

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