Sportsmen’s Heritage Act Receives Overwhelming Support, Passes House

We have been tracking the Sportsmen’s Hertiage Act as it’s moved through the U.S. House of Representatives, and the impressive bill that addresses many threats to hunters, anglers, and shooters has lept over the final hurdle.

The House approved the bill with a vote of 274 to 146, gaining widespread, bipartisan support, according to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation release.

“I think it is important to recognize the contributions that sportsmen make to protect our nation’s most precious resources. Outdoor activities like hunting and fishing are a central part of our heritage and way of life, but they also help fund a good portion of our conservation efforts,” said CSC co-chair Congressman Jeff Miller. “We must remain ever diligent to ensure the rights of sportsmen. Thanks to the members of the Sportsmen’s community, Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, and the House Committee on Natural Resources, H.R. 4089 will be able to address some of the most pressing concerns the outdoors community faces.”

Specifically, H.R. 4089 includes language that:

  • requires hunting and recreational shooting and fishing to be recognized activities on all Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands;
  • protects recreational shooting on National Monuments under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management;
  • amends the Marine Mammal Protection Act to allow hunters who legally harvested polar bears in Canada prior to its listing under the Endangered Species Act to purchase permits in order to transport their trophies into the U.S.; and,
  • clarifies that the Environmental Protection Agency does not have the jurisdiction to regulate lead components found in either traditional ammunition or fishing tackle.

H.R. 4089 was supported by a large number of sportsmen’s organizations.

The bill now moves on to the Senate. We’ll keep tracking it for you, and let you know how you can help get this bill turned into a law.

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  • Hunter1

    This is a huge win for sportsmen! Now, on to the Senate! Keep us posted on how we can help get this bill passed.

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