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As the election season moves through the primaries and onto the general election, more is at stake for sportsmen than ever. This powerful new website dedicated to sportsmen and the issues that will affect them most in the 2012 election.

“As the leading media resource for over 52 million hunters, shooters, and anglers, InterMedia Outdoors has a long history of providing information, inspiration and advocacy for the Sportsmen community,” says Jeff Paro, CEO of InterMedia Outdoors Inc. “ will serve the important role of keeping our communities informed and engaged.”

A variety of interactive features makes this site uniquely positioned to cover politics from a sportsman’s perspective, including:

  • Exclusive polls showing real-time results on how sportsmen feel about key issues such as gun control, public-land access and how America can balance the preservation of wildlife habitat with our nation’s need for energy development.
  • A vibrant news feed, that will continually update sportsmen on all the issues of interest to hunters, fishermen, shooters, and wildlife conservationists.
  • A special panel of industry experts to provide unique perspectives spanning a wide range of sportsman issues from clean water to the second amendment. Panelists will include leaders such as Jeff Crane, President of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and Steve Sanetti, President and CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“Our goal is to make a resource for America’s 80 million sportsmen,” says Todd Smith, VP of Content Development. “We’re not taking sides or endorsing anyone. We’re simply creating the place for sportsmen to learn about the issues that concern them most, find out where the candidates stand on those issues and make their voices heard.”

“The long-term objective of the site is to get more sportsmen and women to the polls,” continued Smith.

“As sportsmen, we need places where we can get together behind issues impacting us. If we don’t gather our forces and continue to become educated voters, we’ll lose our rights to hunt, fish, trap and shoot. This is why I’m supporting InterMedia Outdoor’s,” said Jeff Crane, president of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. “Similarly, the need to unify elected officials behind the challenges facing hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting is why the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) was created in 1988-89 and why CSF continues to grow. We still have a lot of work to do to bring our diverse community together to make sure we’re thwarting the attacks on our rights and on true conservation, and to advance the sportsmen’s agenda in the political arena.”

Enjoy the site! And as we get the kinks worked out, please let us know if you see anything that is not working.

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  • David H. Gover

    Sunday and hunting are not related topics. It’s like forcing citizens to place religious observance above other preferences for the appreciation of our land and the freedom to celebrate that freedom in any manner that doesn’t hurt anyone or infringe upon their equal right to enjoy the same days in the manner of their choice. Perhaps there could be a no-fire zone established a certain distance from any church.

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