What Obama’s Second Term Means for Sportsmen

Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected president of the United States after winning nearly every swing state. Despite a rather close overall vote, Obama dominated the Electoral College, winning such key battleground states as Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa. Florida is still counting votes, but he also has the lead there. Obama also appears to have done something many experts said he could not: win the popular vote. At last count he led Republican challenger Mitt Romney by 2 million votes in the nationwide tally.

So, sportsmen, what does this mean for us? First of all, we must recognize that neither chamber of Congress has changed hands. The Senate stays in Democratic control, and the Republicans keep control of the House. Therefore if you’ve been frustrated by the political gridlock gripping Washington, well, you might want to proactively gulp down a couple aspirins. It’s foreseeable that partisan bickering will again stymie energy reforms, the Farm Bill, and other issues of concern to sportsmen.

However, the question people seem to be asking more loudly is what a second Obama term means for the rights of gun owners. After all, it was just a couple weeks ago that Obama expressed support for a new ban on “assault weapons” and hinted at an opposition to “cheap” handguns. Will he introduce legislation? With the House in solidly pro-gun hands, now is perhaps not a good time to introduce it. If the House flips in two years, that could change, but at present the larger concern for gun owners is the makeup of the Supreme Court. Remember, the historic Heller and McDonald decisions were both 5-4 votes–in each case, just one vote preserved Second Amendment rights. Any changes in the court could shift the balance of power, jeopardizing future firearms cases and even leading to the reversals of Heller and McDonald. So, let’s hope any judges Obama appoints during the next four years aren’t in the molds of his first picks: Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Both have histories of vehement opposition to the Second Amendment and seem to prefer it didn’t exist at all.

It will also be interesting to see if Obama’s re-election results in a second “Obama Gun Boom”. Fearing anti-gun legislation, will Americans snatch up firearms and ammunition at the rate they did when Obama was first elected? Based on the comments being left on gun forums and on this website, it’s clear sportsmen are concerned about the future of their rights. Will that translate to strong firearm sales? And will the anticipated gun control that spurred it actually come to fruition? Those are the key questions we can expect to be answered during Obama’s second term.

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  • Denny the Canuck

    I am a Canadian living in the US. I grew up with guns and don’t see an issue with them. Guns are never the issue. People having no respect for human life is the CORRECT issue. Preventing law abiding folks to defend themself is morally wrong. In the state of New York a criminal has more rights then I do. I respect all human life. I hate Racism and all the similar concepts. Life is to be cherished Mr. Obama, Mr. Cuomo and company. PLEASE LEAVE THE 2nd AMENDMENT ALONE. I personally think that the founding fathers new better when they added the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. If the public have no way to defend themselves then lawlessness abide and the politicians take over. I am not a racist person and don’t hate politicians except the individual that try to trump other peoples rights. Instead of removing the 2nd Amendment protect it. Make it easier at the Federal level so that states cannot trump our rights to own and bare arms.

    One thing that I do want the state OF NEW YORK and the Federal Governmento do is to make it easier for law abiding people to obtain a gun carry permit. However there has to be some conditions: if you have ever been convicted of a crime and no NEW YORK state defending you life is NOT one of them, unless you defended your life in the act of committing what GOD’s laws classify as a crime. For the rest of us (law abiding folks) I would like a system that do some background check(a short one, not like in NY State) to make sure you did not commit what common folk consider a crime. Then having to take a class to certify that you can reasonably operate a handgun without being a danger to others or yourself, and would insist that you have to hit the range and become familiar with the weapon you intend to carry. PLEASE LEAVE THE 2nd AMENDMENT ALONE and God bless america and all it’s GOOD people whatever their origin or race,…

    • Joe Pesci

      I also think they “new” better when they wrote A WELL ORGANIZED MILITIA!

      • Tim Swenson

        Joe Pesci-

        Don’t be a douche-bag… You must be one of the pansies Mack is talking about.

      • Eman De'Riuqer

        Joe Pesci,

        That was clearly a case of careless wording, and not the only one. If they really meant states should be able to have their own militias, and that individuals should not have the right to bear arms enshrined as a permanent addition to the US Constitution, it wouldn’t be in there AT ALL. Ask yourself, does the Constitution grant the US Navy the right to bear torpedoes? They didn’t mention it, or a million other things, because they weren’t talking about that. The intent is irrelevant anyway, we don’t go by what was MEANT, but what the law actually states.

        There are in fact no technicalities. The law is AS WRITTEN. Even if they DID intend that, I will advance the radical notion that we shouldn’t care. Contrary to what some people might want to read, the founding fathers ARE DEAD!!! They’ve been dead for a very long time.

        WE now must live in this country, we and our descendants, so we should not be… SLAVISHLY beholden to the decisions and mistakes they made. For example, allowing slavery. That was a mistake any way you slice it. All the apologists who say “we had to allow it, the southern colonies wouldn’t have joined without that guarantee!” I say, bull. Even had they not joined, at worst it would have meant waiting a few more years, a couple decades at most, during which time European entanglements and wars would have continued to weaken England, while the northern colonies would have grown stronger. NO HISTORY BOOKS ON THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION HAD BEEN WRITTEN YET, BEFORE OR WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING! So the notion that they just HAD to declare independence when they did, or by any arbitrarily chosen date is ludicrous!

        What the founders did was achieve THEIR freedom at the expense of others, an act that looked at objectively today, most of us would agree was not only wrong, but morally reprehensible.

        We don’t live with their mistake in this case. In the early 1860′s, we spilled copious quantities of blood hashing that out, then continued to deal with the aftermath for over a hundred years.

        The careless wording of the second amendment, the “a well regulated militia” is another glaring oversight we should not have to live with. The second amendment should read simply this:

        “The freedom to defend themselves, their families, friends and their real and chattel property from harm by force of arms being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, including all appurtenance thereto, shall not be infringed. Those seeking same for lawful purposes shall not be unduly interfered with in the pursuit of such possession. Neither the congress nor any other agency shall levy unreasonable taxes on anything needful for the full exercise of the rights granted by this amendment.”

        You may feel free to circulate this, and even suggest a constitutional amendment replacing the existing second amendment with this clarified and updated one. Love to see it, as a matter of fact.

        • Altmed

          Sadly, any time someone messes with the Constitution, we rick loosing more rights. I *DO* agree about the tax issue though, which in CA the people have to vote for an increase. Sadly, under the guise of a “temporary tax increase” that’s supposedly for our schools to not have their budgets further gutted (the threat), ppl folded on a split votes, yet the majority voted for an increase. I’m pretty sure the last “temporary” sales tax increase we had never stopped. Sales tax in some parts of CA are going to be very close to 10%!

          I keep wondering where all that money goes?

          • Neon

            Actually over 10%

            First it was the lottery, then various propositions and iniatives at county and local levels. i venture to say there is a whole lot of money thrown at California schools which haven’t done a thing for the literacy or graduation rates. It is unbelievable that L.A. schools have a 40% dropout rate but the union makes sure the pay raises are there for administrators every chance they get. Then there is the propblem of 3 administrators for every on the line teacher in L.A. schools which are just a canary in the coal mine for the entire state. California is out of control, if you have a business don’t even give it a thought to move or open one here. you’ll be sorry.

            And then there are the firearms laws in California…they are deliberately designed by attorney politicians who have no experience in any way with firearms but who know how to make laws that will eventually make every legal firearms owner in California a felon, BY DESIGN.

          • DarwinsMyth

            Any tax increases will not go towards our children’s education. Instead, it will go towards the pay raises and healthcare benefits of union teachers and the like… or, the increase of government jobs. Perhaps, even buying more votes for liberal Democrats while getting more people hooked on food stamps and other government freebies.

            For liberals, Kalifornia is the ideal pattern of what they’d like to see the rest of the U.S.A. to become. Texas will probably be the last state in the union that has everything mostly correct.

        • Altmed

          We used to grow up with guns, reloading equipment & respected them. I’ve only pointed a gun at a single person in my life – someone who was breaking into my family’s apartment. He took off & I never had any problems with anyone breaking in since, nor did I shoot anyone (and thankfully have never been put into a position where I’ve needed to.) A neighbor had a guy get into their home, higher than a kite, and again, a loaded gun was enough (even with someone on crack) to snap some reason into the idiot’s head & he got down on the ground & stayed their until the police came & got him… again, no one was hurt.

          It’s amazing how fast a loaded gun will get someone’s attention! Had the guy who broke into my place hadn’t made a quick exit, or at least froze you can bet I wouldn’t have had a problem stopping him. My kids were VERY young at the time, I’m a woman & was young at the time, yet VERY thankful I had the training (& a firearm) at the time. It’s amazing how fast yo can unlock a gun, snap in a loaded clip & get between someone breaking into your home and your children, in the dark & in a place we had just moved into at the time.

          A gun is a tool, just like a knife & fork! Do we stop using knives in the kitchen or at the dinner table because some people misuse them? I should hope not! We’d all be eating very differently if we did, like cavemen!

          No, we learn how to use them as tools in just about every household. We teach our children as they grow up to use them properly!

          We don’t outlaw a stove, a hammer, a ladder, sanders, drills, cars, because a VERY few misuse them!

          Wild food is FAR less contaminated in general than food from the grocery stores, which often times, we aren’t even allowed to know what’s been given to that food? Pesticides, hormones, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics & the list goes on. Food from foreign countries is worse! Pesticides, etc. we have banned here in the US are not banned in countries we get our food from.

          We have strict regulation about transporting foods people hunt for here in the US, yet we import a huge amount of food that don’t regulate nearly as well. I would rather have food that is local or relatively local, where we know far more about the health, rainfall, weather and other issues about or local, natural food.

          Game regulators issue special doe tags when the deer populations are higher than the environment can support, yet these animals are natural, healthier & we can feed our families with them & enjoy hunting while we are at it. We can fish in our lakes, rivers, oceans, etc., in many places we can see the fish appears healthy ourselves & shoot them, reel them in and bring them home to feed our families.

          My children grew up with a lot of fish in their diets, and occasionally fresh deer meet from friends who hunt on land.

          I have not had the pleasure of hunting a deer yet, but I hope to soon. I want to learn from others, know the laws and buy my own gun for hunting (which takes homework about what caliber will effectively & humanely kill a deer, find a gun that I will be comfortable with, the prices and availability of ammunition, game laws, etc., so I am not only legal, but also very comfortable with the gun I will buy, will know the game laws in the areas, be comfortable in how to properly handle and clean a deer, have had plenty of practice with those I will go hunting with target shooting & knowing we are on the same page with game laws, gun safety & so on. Anyone I go hunting with is going to pass my “tests” on the target range, respect gun safety and fish & wildlife services & I have to have a chance to try my top picks and suggestions of guns from those more knowledgeable that I about hunting rifles, on a target range before I buy a gun for that purpose.

          Just as in spear fishing, there are people I feel fine going spear fishing with, and others I do not and will not go with again. Spear guns I feel comfortable with, and others I do not. Fish & game laws that need to be kept up with, and since I have done so much spear fishing, I am very comfortable with species identification in my area and cleaning/handling of the fish, scallops, lobster, etc. I enjoy taking and feeding myself and my family food that I know is fresh, from areas that are far less likely to be contaminated than others, so I know where I get my seafood from.

          I know that when I switched to a lot of store-bought foods for a while, I didn’t feel as well at all. Having eaten organically grown produce & fish and meat from the wild for some time(years), then walking into a produce department in a major grocery store, I’m amazed at the smell of pesticides.

          Being born in America, we have the right to bear arms, yet it’s difficult for me to understand why we have to keep fighting for that right, yet those involved in illegal gun activities are generally using stolen guns, guns from across the boarder and so on.

          The wild-lands belong to Americans, and even private property owners need some help, or welcome it, from hunters to help control the deer populations that are sometimes damaging their crops, we need to be able to help them out, as well as have the right to feed or families healthier food, and have a good time, and get some exercise, something most Americans need more of, in the process of hunting.

          Why anyone would be against being able to have a fun activity with family and/or friends, while being able to get healthy food and exercise, AND use those same tools for protecting their families doesn’t make sense, especially when there are those who enjoy hunting and share entire deer to feed families that would otherwise go hungry and to be able to stop an intruder that may have been breaking in my home to steal something, harm me, or even my children.

          If some people want to hope they can call 911 & hope the car gets there before the person who broke into their home steals their property or worse, harms or kills someone, is beyond me.

          If those in NYC that were affected by hurricane Sandy had grown up with guns, or learned as an adult, owned guns legally, and went target shooting once in a while, I’m sure far fewer would be worried about “looters”, or criminals taking advantage of the situation via rape, etc.

          The guns and ammunition need to be available and affordable, especially for single women and single or divorced parents. Public lands need to be available for responsible hunters as well. We can help our health, feed the hungry and do so safely.


  • Phr3ed

    But what does President Obama’s re-election mean for sportsmen? Possession/access of firearms is only one question. Will it affect CRP land? How will it change oil & gas drilling practices on public land? Produced water discharge to creeks or to land will do a lot of damage (ask farmers about trying to leach salt out of land!)? Will public land be auctioned off to to high-fence leases?

  • This is a big win for American sportsmen. Any gun laws will be modest, if enacted at all. The continued good management of our public lands will continue, and the embrace of hunting and fishing by this administration as positive activities will continue. Obama is a smart guy, he knows what sportsmen bring to the table in terms of conservation, even if he has no personal connection to our pastime. This website seems to be more of a hard-right gun rights platform than one that is concerned about the issues affecting fish and wildlife habitat and access to places to hunt and fish. The issues that affect us the most right now get passing mention.

    • gary jennings

      I agree. Those in disagreement have a MONEY interest to increase sales. Look at what Federal did prior to the last election. They withheld their ammuntitionfrom the marke place blaming it on the election but the rafters in the Anoka wharehouses were full of ammunition with blue ‘Wal-Mart’ wrapping being withheld for price increases. I know, I was there fore and AlliantTechsystems audit.

      • Tim Jones

        Glad to see I was able to scroll down and find some common sense instead of the knee-jerk gun control fear-mongers. All I can say is, if you want to be a real sportman, support those and do what you can to protect and improve the habitat for the wildlfie and the land that we care about. Besides, if you can’t do your hunting with a single, well placed, ethical shot….do you even belong out there? And I won’t get started on the image of a bunch of middle aged guys forming their militia so they can be back an oppressive military……come on!! Wake and realize that every four years this “fear the democrats and gun control” comes out and the firearms/ammo companies smile and watch their sales go up.

    • Todd

      Erik Jensen_ I couldn’t of said it better myself. Good Management of our public land is the key issue. But try telling that to a bunch of redneck conservatives from Georgia even after their hunting lease land was just raped by the timber companies.

  • Jeremy Friedland

    It talks about sportsmen then quickly goes off into 2nd amendment rights. Which is it ? Here for sportsman rights, not 2nd amendment issues. What typical rightwing hatchet job of an article.

    • Roland

      Agreed. The right-wing bias of this article is shown in the very first sentence by the conspicuous use of “Hussein” in Obama’s name. Does the author always use middle names every time he refers to a politician? Then in the next sentence he asserts “despite a rather close overall vote.” Obama will carefully choose issues to tackle in his second term, he has a lot to tackle and a wholesale assault on gun rights is very unlikely.

      • Steve

        Yeah, no one ever calls Mitt Romney ‘Willard’.

        • dave

          This is great news for sportsmen. The R’s have a history of exploiting quality habitat on public land for short term profits. Long term sustainable management of our public land will ensure future hunting opportunities. I wish GunDog would quit posturing themselves to the gun lobby. They are a surrogate for the radical rights that want the 1% to have it all and the rest of us with the crumbs off their table. They are not for responsible gun ownership and our rights as sportsmen.

  • Don

    Amy attack on the second amendment is an attack on our freedom. The second amendment and hunting seem to go hand in hand on paper. Largely I disagree with most of you, the issue should not be about gun control, it should be about choosing honest moral public servants who are not interested in lobbying. We dont need new laws, we just need the current laws to be upheld.

  • Ross Walters

    Most guns and ammo sellers seem to anticipate the ‘Obama Gun Boom’ will continue and that demand will result in increased sales.

    Not one piece of anti-gun legislation has been proposed by the new Congress yet they’re already raising prices.

    I stocked up awhile back and hope you did too so you won’t get gouged by their greed.

  • Joe

    There are gun owners who voted for Obama. When the gun confiscations start, they should take them away form the Obama voters first!

  • Mack Missiletoe

    ONLY over our cold dead hands they could take our firearms away!

    They have no right to take our arms. Whatever their excuse, it is ill and self-absorbed.

    Our forefathers fought for our freedom and so shall we again if this sort of twisted view comes knocking on our door.

    Only an enemy of America would try to disarm Americans. Those who believe we should not be able to defend ourselves or enjoy our sport. There is NOTHING WRONG with self defense or lawfully enjoying the firearms sport.

    Taking our guns away is like taking the teeth and claws from the Lion. Who would want America to fall, unable to defend their homes and families? I’ll tell you who–those who want us to be unable to defend ourselves, that is who. They do not care how we got here–that we fought through World Wars for our freedom and right to bear arms.

    Do not give up your freedom for security! Giving up your arms would be a most foolish ironic move. Were we ready for WWII? NO we were not. We had to scramble to defend ourselves after World War I. DO NOT BE CAUGHT UNPREPARED. When an evil man comes knocking on your door to do harm, show him your brains, your weapon.

    We are not Lemmings. We are not Lions either. We must use our smarts and wisdom to create tool to defend ourselves; enter the firearm. With our smarts and wisdom we rule over the earth, above the animals, birds, and fish. But take our ability to own tools and suddenly we will be overrun. These people know this!

    “Those who say the pen is mightier than the sword never encountered automatic fire.” These people that are against guns are a people that are so comfortable in their plush homes that they are scared! Haha, they are scared and should not represent America. What a shame they are to America. They would not fight for their country if you handed them a gun… they would rather disarm us.

    …And whether they realize it or not, with their anti-gun view, Hitler would be in power instead of the President. For we would not have been be able to fight!

  • What is wrong with our leaders,haven’t they saw or heard what happens to a country when guns are ban.
    As for me after I am dead then you you may or may not get my guns.
    I believe in the 2nd ammendment this is my right.
    Any lug head who wonts a gun band belongs in a lunny ben.

  • Frank Hannibal

    Enough of this nonsense about Obama “taking away our guns.” No matter what he personally feels about the subject the amount of backlash and rage over any attempt to do that would cause a civil war. I live in extremely pro gun and anti- Obama Arizona and have heard loud and clear what my neighbors would do if that ever happened. He’s a smart guy who has much bigger issues at hand to deal with than the paranoid fears of millions of angry,armed gun owners.

  • Mike

    In the beginning, the Second Amendment was debated and was considered for the 1st Amendment, but they decided freedom of speech was more important due to the value of speech. Things should be talked about to try and settle differences before arms are taken up!!!

  • David

    Their are two things that have not been mentioned in this debate. First Obama’s comments to Mrs. Brady regarding a non-legislative solution after the election. This brings us to the second issue which is the Arms Trade Treaty. Yes Obama says he want sign any treaty which infringes on the rights of American to bear arms. However his interest in the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty proves that you can’t trust him.

  • Chris

    I would like to point to the author of the article and the conservatives who voted for Willard Mitt Romney,President Obama has been very quiet on this issue because he is not concerned with gun rights because he has a more critical problem with an every fragile economy that needs to be taken care of and other more important problems that are critical to our country as a WHOLE and not just 47% of Americans but 100% of Americans.President Obama has made it possible to take loaded weapons into our National Parks and Romney banned assault weapons in Mass!!!!!!

  • Joe

    I don’t understand what is the point of specifically focusing on assault weapons and cheap handguns in an article posted on a waterful hunting site. Neither of those weapons is of any use in duck or goose hunting.

  • wb

    listen up people, i will try to explain this on a level everyone can understand. the constitution is very exact on this so pay attention. the rights it mandates are God given rights, not government given rights. understand? why do you think the left is trying to dismantle the belief in God? because then they can destroy our true rights. so, here goes. in every major nation before america was formed man was a subject of his king, emperor, whatever. you and your family lived by the indulgence of your ruler. your life, property, even your wife and children, were considered possessions of the king. the constitution was so radical for its time in that it cut this umbilical cord between a man and his government. the rights being discussed were rights given man by God and could not be abridged by his ruler. so understand what we are talking about here. among the fundamental god given rights are the right to self defense. a state, any state, by taken away your right to self defense has basically sentenced you to death. most people fail to realize that felons once did their time, were released, and lost few if any rights. yes, virginia, even they could once own a firearm. the whole reason for such laws restricting the owning of firearms came after slavery, in an attempt to keep former slaves from protecting themselves. if they could not protect themselves they could not vote. see how this works? listen up, this is important, any law concerned with restricting firearms is unconstitutional. why? becuase the state is attempting to interfere with God given rights. God given rights trump state ordained rights and it is here most people get confused. these first 10 amendments are concerned with rights derived from the Bible. this is why the left is so anti-christian. the idea here is to dumb down the population to the extent it no longer realizes it has the right and duty to defy an immoral ruler or government. the state is devious however, and will use events to take your liberty. most people fail to realize that it was the JFK assassination that caused gun laws to become draconian. never let a good crisis go to waste is the way our current attorney general put it. everytime there is a major shooting somewhere we hear instant cales for more gun control legislation. now why do you think that is? yes, i realize that in the real world we are longer free men. for those of you who doubt that try pinching that girl at work or using the N word in public. tell the IRS you haven’t got time to send them any money and see where that gets you. however, the constitution is very explicit on this point as well, there comes a time when the people have taken all they can and when their govt is so abusive it has become immoral, our constitution is the only word ever written that gives us the right to change that govt. this requires a brave and god fearing population. look around you. we are becoming a nation of idolaters, whoremongerers, liars, self centered, etc. as our beliefs change so will our govt. as the people get worse so will their rulers. next time you hear a liberal spout off about gun control i want you to run to the store, buy a new firearm or ammo, then make a phone call to his office and explain what and why you did. guys, no one can take your right to own a firearm or to hunt, no one. only if you let them. understand what they are trying to take away. your and your family right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. the time will come soon enough where all gun owners will have to lay their lives on the line to keep those precious rights. in closing, teach someone to shoot, build up a support group of the like minded, and learn just how precious constitution really is.

  • Hugh Millen

    In his first term, Obama did two things related to the 2nd
    Amendment: 1) he approved taking concealed weapons on
    Amtrack trains; 2) approved concealed carry in national
    parks. That’s it. Gun Control measures were so far down on
    his DO-LIST, that if it had not been for the CT school
    massacre, he probably would never get around to doing
    anything at all. If gun owners give on 100% background checks and size of magazines, it his highly likely that there will be no ‘assault weapons’ ban. The public needs to be educated on the difference semi-automatic weapons and automatic weapons, which have been illegal since 1934. In other words the public needs to know the difference between an AR15 and a M16. The Remington and Browning semi-automatic rifles–750 Woodsmaster and BAR were excluded from the 1994 ban and will also be excluded in the new Feinstein bill to be submitted this month. Operationally there is no difference between an AR15 and a BAR, the only reason the AR15 is more probematic is the larger size of the magazines. It might be helpful to point out that the AR15 doesn’t even qualify to hunt deer, while a 338 Win BAR can take down brown bears, lions, and even cape buffalo. Many
    people talk about the AR15 as if it is some fearsomely
    powerful weapon. I am in favor of 100% background checks
    and magazine limitation to 10 rounds.

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