Wisconsin Hunters Want a Crane Season

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress and state lawmakers canvassed attendees to their annual spring hearings last week as to whether or not they would support a sandhill crane hunting season.  Cranes have reportedly increased in the state and begun to annoy farmers, leading many to suggest the additional opportunity for hunters.

A proposal to add a crane season died when the legislative session ended last month, but the Conservation Congress decided to include the question on its spring hearing survey.  According to the Wisconsin DNR, about 2,560 people voted “yes,” while 1,271 people voted “no.” Overall, 65 counties approve of the idea, four disapprove and three tied.

How could pro-hunting advocates persuade their anti-crane-hunting cohorts? We say serve them up a dish of “the ribeye of the sky.” Nobody who’s tasted the delicious sandhill crane could possibly oppose shooting a few for the table.

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